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Superfood We Love: I Geek Out for Kale, the All-Mighty Green!

Happy Superfoods Week! In celebration, we’re sharing our favorite superfoods. Our odes to these yummy eats and drinks will hopefully encourage you to try some new uber healthy ones (or ignite a deeper love of your fave superfoods)!
Kale. Kale. Kale. I know kale is a superfood almost all of us are aware of — after all, it’s the mightiest and perhaps most noble of all the greens out there. Full of fiber, flavonoids, antioxidants, iron, potassium, and vitamins K, A, C and so many more, whether you eat it raw, bake up a sheet of kale chips, blend it up in a smoothie or saute it (probably my favorite way), it’s a fabulous addition to anyone’s plate/cup/bowl. And for the last few years, I’ve bought a bunch or bag of the stuff each week — sometimes even two or three at a time.
In fact, I love the stuff enough that I even bought an Eat More Kale shirt. And after learning that Chick-fil-A was suing the guy that makes them, I wear it even more proudly when out and about. (‘Cause, dude. Not cool, Chick-fil-A. Not cool.) And sometimes, I frolic in it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was out in California (more on my foodie and wine-tasting adventures in the coming weeks!) and saw huge fields of it growing … I might have freaked a little. No matter the variety, I love the stuff. All hail the kale!
And now, for a few haikus. We did these recently on FBG for You Can Do It Week, and well, I’m still feeling poetic.

Kale Haikus

Chips, stews, smoothies, eggs
You are good in everything
Get in my belly
Sauteed in a pan
With some salty bacon
Everyone loves you
You rock my world, kale
Bright green and so nutritious
I eat all the kale!
All hail to the kale
This haiku is just for you
You’re a superfood!
Yep, kale-loving dork right here. Are you one, too? Feel free to add a haiku in the comments … —Jenn

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