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Tabanero Review: We’re Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

I am a hot sauce fiend. Like, my middle name should have been sriracha I like it so much, and no meal is complete without some heat. So when Tabañero asked to send us some of its award-winning healthy and all-natural hot sauce picante, I had to say yes. Bring on the fire!
And before I even tasted it, I loved it. Um, agave nectar, key lime juice, carrots, YES! I love this ingredient list. LOVE IT. No fillers! No gluten! Just real stuff.
Although nutritional facts on most hot sauces aren’t that interesting and are pretty similar, I do like that they disclose that per teaspoon there is one calorie and a little less than one gram of sugar. (I appreciate the honesty — pretty sure that the law could have let them say zero on both.)
With those tests passed with flying colors, there was just one thing left to do: taste it! And what’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy hot sauce? On eggs of course!
And hot damn (get it? Har har!) was it delicious. I enjoyed a sprinkling of Tabañero on two fried eggs, alongside some red-pepper strips for a light lunch one day.
Unlike other hot sauces, Tabañero doesn’t have any vinegar in it, but it’s still very tangy and a little sweet — and has great heat from the habaneros, which are the first ingredient listed. It also has a great spicy (and not just “hot”) flavor to it. You can really taste the garlic, but it’s definitely bright and fresh alongside the key lime juice. But, my favorite thing about this sauce is that it adds to the flavor of your dish without overpowering it. A tough thing for a hot sauce to do!
Are you a hot sauce fan? What’s your favorite kind? I certainly have a new fave! —Jenn

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