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We Love a Good Tailwind … and Organic Endurance Fuel


Gluten-free and organic, Tailwind Endurance Fuel is also easy to digest.

Is there anything better than a good tailwind? One that pushes you just a bit, helping you to run and cycle faster? Ah, we love it. Another thing we’re currently digging on? The Tailwind Endurance Fuel that we were recently sent. It may not be the best tasting endurance drink we’ve ever had, but for those who are logging looong training runs or rides or sporting events (think 90+ minutes), it’s pretty rad. Almost as good as a real tailwind.

With both electrolytes (sodium, calcium and magnesium) and energy (calories/sugar), it’s a two-fer product. You stay hydrated and are fueled, so there’s no need for GUs or gels or any of that stuff. Organic and gluten-free, it dissolves really easily and rinses clean. In the flavors Mandarin Orange, Lemon and Berry, you simply mix a scoop or two in your bottle of water and keep on going. (You’ll need two to three scoops for workouts longer than two hours.)

The taste of all three of these is extremely subtle — definitely not like a Gatorade or other mainstream sports-hydration drinks. Lemon was my favorite, followed by the Mandarin Orange and then the Berry, but none were offensive — and the lack of flavor can be a really good thing when you’re out there really sweating and working hard. It does have that slightly soft and round-tasting mouthfeel to it (does anyone know what I mean?!), but I believe that’s more to do with the magnesium than anything else. Just be sure to not drink too much of it if you’re not really sweating — magnesium has a way of, ahem, making things loose. If you know what we mean.

We really like how easy this stuff is to digest though, and how one drink gets you proper hydration and fuel when you’re training for a longer event. And it’s certainly nice to have an organic and all-natural choice for your sports nutrition! At $35 for 50 servings, it’s not ridiculously expensive either.

What’s your favorite way to hydrate and fuel for training runs and rides? Does the organic label matter to you? —Jenn

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