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6 Ways to Stop a Sugar Craving in Its Sweet Tracks


Oh, the sweet temptations on Halloween! Credit: spablab, Flickr

Oh, the sweet temptations on Halloween! Credit: spablab, Flickr

‘Tis the season for sweet eats and sugar! From the ol’ treats in the workplace break room to all the Halloween candy that’s out this time of year, if you just can’t seem to stop at just one piece — or can’t stop thinking about the sweet stuff — then you, my dear friend, may suffer from sugar cravings. And while sugar can be super addictive, there are some ways to stop a sugar craving in its sweet (or not so sweet, actually) tracks. Recently Fit Bottomed Eats shared some tips on how to beat daily sugar cravings any time of year — and seeing that the Halloween candy is out in full force, we just had to share ’em!

How to Stop a Sugar Craving

1. Eat more protein. Our cortisol levels dip in preparation for the end of the day, so we crave foods that provide energy. Sugar cravings may be due to lack of protein, like fish, meat or poultry. Protein helps balance blood-sugar levels, so have some at each meal.

2. Cut out the caffeine sweeteners and additives. Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners and additives. These all raise insulin levels, which will quickly fall, leaving you tired and hungry. When buying lunch, check the label to ensure the ingredients are natural. Limit caffeinated drinks to one a day and have them earlier rather than later.

Keep reading for more ways to stop a sugar craving! —Jenn

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  1. I need all the help I can get to stay away from candy or sweets in general. I have quite the sweet tooth. Usually I’m pretty disciplined about my sweets but around the holidays with all the candy and homemade sweets, I tend to have trouble. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Ryan Byars says:

    Thank you for the helpful hint. I tend to have a sweet tooth and this will make it much easier.

  3. Haley says:

    Interesting. Personally I seem to have less cravings and hunger pains after I drink coffee (or my kryptonite, Diet Mt. Dew, so bad for me, I know).

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