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9 Mommy Diet Pitfalls to Avoid


Nothing turns your life upside down quite like having kids. And kids can cause major changes to your diet if you’re not careful—from the moment in pregnancy when that queasiness starts and the only thing you can stomach is carbs to that postpartum ravenous hunger that can’t be squelched. Then there are the toddler years and snacks 24/7 and…you get the idea.

For me, pregnancy cravings were ferocious. If left unsatisfied, my brain was convinced that my baby was missing a key nutrient that could only be found in s’mores. I tried to keep my splurges in moderation, but there is just no arguing with pregnant hunger. Now that I’ve got two kids ages 3 and under, it’s all too easy to fall into their snack-all-day eating habits. I’ve found myself reaching for sweets as an afternoon pick-me-up. And it’s easy to outsmart a kid to steal a nugget or three (Is that Elmo!?).

But knowing the mommy diet pitfalls can help you be aware of what to watch out for when it comes to your post-baby nutrition habits so that you only have to worry about the pregnancy weight—not any pounds you gain from eating too many goldfish crackers!

Pitfall No. 1: Eating For Two


Eating for two is a trap! Credit: genue.luben, Flickr

The excuse that you’re eating for two is just that—an excuse. While you are eating for two, you’re eating for yourself and a teeny tiny baby. That’s no reason to double up on entrees or to order dessert with every meal. Sure, treat yourself. You deserve it! But don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to eat what you know is way too much. Your body only needs between 300 to 500 extra calories to support that baby. Besides, if you overeat, you’ll just contribute to that heartburn that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Read on for eight more mommy dieting pitfalls to avoid—and tell us: which one do you fall into the most? —Erin

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