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A New Way to Track Health From the Inside Out

In Plain English

Okay, so maybe you just read the above and thought, “Hey, that’s cool, but how is that really going to help me get faster/stronger/more badass than I already am?”

The thing is, even if you’re very in tune with your body, there’s always a chance that something could be improved by adding something to your diet or changing up your supplements. You don’t need to actually feel unwell to not be at your best, and a tool like InsideTracker allows you to easily see what simple changes you can make to be totally optimized.

It just all depends on what your goals are! Credit: lululemon athletica

It just all depends on what your goals are! Credit: lululemon athletica

Fit Bottomed Line

This is a seriously cool tool. It’s not for everybody, but for those who are serious about improving performance and have already taken what steps they can to become better, this just might give them the competitive edge they’re looking for. If you’re not necessarily looking to boost performance but just know you could be feeling better, even though you and your doctor agree you’re not actually sick, this could provide a little more insight into how you can improve your health. But for your average Jane who feels great, is basically happy with her athletic performance and already keeps an eye on her cholesterol and triglycerides levels through her doctor, it might not be the best buy.

My advice: If you’re interested, be sure to check out the side-by-side comparisons and take advantage of the live chat feature. This is an unusual product, and InsideTracker knows it, so they’re very willing to answer questions — there’s a live chat option that appears as soon as you go to the website. If you try it out, be sure to share your experience here — we’d love to hear how it changed your training or eating!

Have you ever had most of these biomarkers tracked and recorded? Is this something you’d consider trying? Why or why not? —Kristen

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