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Car Buying Has Me Seeing Red

Ten years is a good run for a vehicle. After that, no matter how well you maintain them, they start to show wear and tear; eventually little repairs turn into big repairs, and it is time to let go. It always makes me kinda sad; there is a lot of history that goes with your trusty ride. But, nevertheless, I’d found myself looking for a new auto, and not having paid much attention to the car market, had a lot of work ahead. The only thing for sure — it had to be an SUV and it had to be silver.
For the last week I’d been popping in at different dealerships, slowly whittling down my list of possibilities. Too big — enough room for seven — yikes, I’m not toting around the Brady Bunch. Looks too much like a station wagon — I am getting older but still want to maintain a modicum of cool. Or just too dang expensive — seriously, my first house didn’t cost as much.
Car buying hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years; it’s still a high-pressure, fast-talking and grueling ordeal, so I fortified myself with a hearty breakfast. Half a grapefruit, a scrambled egg and wheat toast with a naturally sweet, fruit-only jam.
I’d decided to come home with a new vehicle come hell or high water, so I grabbed an apple for the road.
By noon I was wearing down and still wasn’t ready to pull the trigger, so I headed back to the house for lunch. A leftover piece of chicken and one of my favorite salads: crispy romaine, dried cherries, Swiss cheese and sugared almonds with a poppy seed dressing perked me up immensely.

A super tangy vinaigarette compliments the sweet cherries and sugared almonds.

A super tangy vinaigarette compliments the sweet cherries and sugared almonds.

After the break it was back to the grind.
Two more test drives later I’d made my choice, but as I walked through the lot one last time I spied the same vehicle but in bright cherry red! Uh oh, decision time! I knew from previous experience that silver is super easy to keep clean, but red looked so hot and geez wasn’t it time for a complete change anyway?
I pondered long and hard, and then it hit me — the signs had been there all day. A ruby red grapefruit, red berry jam, a red apple, red cherries on my salad, OMG, I’m going red. An hour later, I drove off the lot in my brand spanking new, sporty red crossover with barely a glance at my old car.
That night we celebrated my purchase with, what else, a bottle of red! I made penne pasta with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and goat cheese and rejoiced in the fact that I won’t have to do that for another ten years..
Do you keep your diet colorful? What color is your car? —Karen

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