Is the Secret to True Health Found in Our Cells?

Do these everycell supplements live up to the hype? We try ’em!

Tish and I were at a recent media event when we got to chatting with one fellow about a new supplement called everycell. Now, we’re not big fans of supplements in these parts unless they’re your basic ones: multivitamin, fish oil, maybe some vitamin D, but nothing crazy. And everycell? Well, admittedly, it’s kinda crazy. Crazy enough on the scientific level (and not just hype level) to perk our Fit Bottomed ears up. Especially after Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week!

With more than 90 essential phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals this supplement is supposed to not just go into your stomach and body, but directly into your cells, making them optimally healthy. There are seven unique complexes that support everything from cell regulation to DNA repair to stem cell maintenance,calorie restriction, digestion and absorption. It’s said to improve cell health and turn back aging, which directly affects the body’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. You take two of the “awake” pills in the morning and two of the “asleep” pills in the evening before bed. A month’s supply will run you about $80 a month. Which isn’t cheap, but these are big results they’re promising …

And so Tish and I both tried it. Here’s our everycell review!

Review of everycell Supplements

From Jenn: These supplements had high expectations to fill, and I think they partially delivered. Granted, it’s not like I took a microscope view of my cells to see if they were repairing faster and aging less, but everycell certainly didn’t make me feel any worse than normal. On a few days, in fact, I felt much, much better taking the awake pills, but it’s hard to know exactly what caused me to feel oh-so great. And, honestly, just knowing what amazing ingredients were in there could have also caused me to be hyper sensitive to any improvements.

But, without a doubt, I will say that I could feel the asleep pills working. Within an hour of popping two, I got sleepy and would have a good night’s rest. I even remembered my dreams more vividly. I’ve never been one to have trouble sleeping, but this took my rest to the next level.

Overall, is it worth taking? For me, I didn’t see enough results to justify the cost. But, if you’re someone who has trouble eating a healthy diet or is really into wanting to live forever, it’s worth giving a go. And if you struggle with sleep, it’s definitely something to check out.

From Tish: When I first received the package of both morning and evening pills I was giddy. I swear I felt like I was in the movie Limitless and, like Bradley Cooper’s character, I was about to get super smart, athletic and kick-arse awesome. High expectations I know, but that’s how well the company sold me on the vitamin’s benefits.

My body’s take on the pills? After three days I felt a crazy amount of energy that I hadn’t experienced since the juice detox I did. I was alert, active and gym time was amazing! That surge of awesome lasted a day and then I went back to normal. Sad, because that was an awesome feeling, but it was nice to know the vitamins were doing something. The asleep pills worked super well. Within an hour of taking them, I was falling asleep … long, deep GOOD sleeps that left me feeling great and fully charged in the mornings.

Physically, the only difference I noticed were my nails. They started to grow and get stronger, which rocked considering I’ve tried every darn vitamin in the book to get them to grow and stop breaking/peeling/sucking. In all, I loved what everycell did for my sleep cycles and my nails, but alas I can’t really afford the $80 a month, so once the trial ran out, my days of magic were over.

Have you ever had magical results from a supplement? —Jenn & Tish

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  1. It seems like both of you failed to realize that the wake pills are loaded with caffeine in the form of green and white tea. Did also escape your attention that the asleep pills are loaded with melatonin? A sleep hormone that most doctors say you’re not supposed to overuse, that is primarily used by international travelers to readjust their sleep wake patterns when they change extreem time zones? I also am very very interested in the product and ordered it filled with glee. However, I have been quite disappointed to find out that they feel the daytime with caffeine in the nighttime with melatonin. I prefer my supplements without stimulants. Could you address that in your review? Any comment on the actual ingredients of the supplements? Obviously you’re going to feel great with caffeine and sleep well with melatonin, that’s not rocket cell-science.