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Tish’s Favorite Workout Outfit

Have a favorite workout outfit? So do we! That’s why each FBG is sharing her favorite exercise get-up for this Question of the Week!

functionvsfashionEveryone’s always posting their outfit of the day on Instagram, but no one ever posts their favorite workout outfit. It’s a travesty! I don’t know about y’all, but I want to know what women want! Sure, there are some pieces that look super cute and make you feel cute, but, for me, that stuff takes a back seat to comfort. I want to know if you’re stuck with camel toe, if your bra rides up, and if that shirt really wicks away sweat. I want the nitty gritty. I assume I’m not the only girl out there looking for this … so for those who are also on the prowl for that next comfortable piece of heaven, I give you my favorite workout outfit.

blogilates tank

I’m a strong advocate for function over form. I could care less what I look like when I’m working out, so my apparel doesn’t have to be cute or match (at all!). That aside, I still managed to find a cute tank to fall in love with. Blogilates knows her stuff. I love wearing this top because it’s super lightweight, airy and the cotton is the kind of comfortable that you can sleep in but awesome enough to sweat in. This shirt doesn’t stick to me. It doesn’t get in the way and keeps me nice and cool. You’d think with these simple requirements I’d find tons of tops I like, but it’s been hard. I’m a Goldilocks of shirts. “It’s too tight. It’s too loose. It’s too dry-fitty/makes me itch. It’s not wicking!”

I have issues.

target sports bra

Here’s where all the tall chicks should start to pay attention. I hate sports bras. It is so unbelievably hard to find a bra that doesn’t ride up and expose my bottom boob area. I’m constantly on the hunt for sports bras that have adjustable straps. It has to be able to stretch and cover, and this awesomely kiwi-colored C9 Champion bra from Target does just that.

brooks capris

I’ve been loving my Brooks Infiniti Capris for years now. Like Erin guessed with Jenn, I don’t really dig rocking undies with workout capris either, so comfort has to be on point. (So does the camel-toe factor!) These pants happen to pass the comfortable test with flying colors. I love that they don’t sag when I’m running, don’t ride up when I’m squatting and breathe throughout the whole workout. I also love that they keep me nice and snug without making me feel like a stuffed sausage. I want to feel great when I work out. I don’t want my clothes to hinder me in any way. Otherwise I get really grouchy. Who wants to work out while grouchy?! Not I!

pant lining, brooks capri, infiniti capri

I absolutely love the flatlock chafe-resistant seams, too! You put on these pants and they’re not moving until you want them to. Don’t you love it when apparel companies start to think like the fitties they’re dressing? It’s a beautiful thing.

socks, dry wicking socks

So I may be a tad high-maintenance when it comes to my feet. I have big feet. I made peace with this years ago when I had to purchase a size 12 shoe for the marathon. You’d think sock-makers would get it together, but sadly they haven’t. I can never find women’s running socks in my size. They always make them size 6-10, and I’m a 10 1/2. I always have to get men’s socks, and they’re always too big. They always fall down and get eaten in my shoe. It’ s a pain. Because of that, I covet the socks that do fit and function correctly. I got these socks years ago when I covered the Chicago Nike Marathon. Somehow I got two lefties. I don’t even care, though. If the sock fits and doesn’t cause blistering or any other annoyances you hold on to them … and put them on your hands.

Nike Fly knit , Brooks Pure Flow

When it comes to shoes, I can’t just give you one. I’m sorry! It just wouldn’t be truthful. If I’m running, it’s my Brooks PureFlow. No contest. Still love them as much as the first day I ran in them. When I’m not running, it’s a shoe of another color, though. I’ve fallen in love with Nike Fly Knit Lunar1 and everyone knows it. I live in these bad boys. They’re light-weight and perfect for days when I’m cross-training or weight-lifting. These are the shoes I’d give away if I was Oprah and doing “My Favorite Things.” I love them like THAT.

So yeah, you may not see any pictures on Instagram of me sporting my gear like I’m strutting down a runway (or will you?…), but you best believe you could catch me on any day rolling around in this get-up like a cat in catnip.

So what does it for you? Are you in it for comfort, too? What is the most butta-licious-feeling outfit you’ve ever rocked? Should we start an “FBGWO” hashtag and proudly share what makes us comfortable in our sweaty skin? —Tish

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