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33 Random Things Erin Is Grateful For

Each year, around Thanksgiving, we usually do a post on what we’re grateful for. This year, we’re turning it into a Question of the Week! And unlike past years where we’ve been grateful for the really BIG things in life (family, health, work, etc.), this go-round we’re showing you that an attitude of gratitude can be about the little silly things, too — and that it can last all month and year long!


It goes without saying that I’m super grateful for my family, my job (this site!) and my health. But today is all about celebrating the little things. Just like Jenn did last week, I’m sharing all of the little things I’m thankful for right now!

33 Random Things Erin Is Grateful For

  1. A snoring pug whose job is cuddling.
  2. iPads.
  3. Gym membership.
  4. A gym that provides child care.
  5. Two kids who finally let me work out without getting called back to the child care center.
  6. Prewashed lettuce and veggies.
  7. Netflix.
  8. Jeans.
  9. Sore muscles.
  10. Coffee.
  11. The fireplace.
  12. Hilarious things kids say.
  13. Fall weather, turning leaves and proof that New Jersey can be beautiful.
  14. Greek yogurt.
  15. Chia seeds.
  16. Smoothies, made with Greek yogurt and chia seeds.
  17. Pop music.
  18. Frosted Mini Wheats.
  19. Bendy straws. 
  20. Anyone reading this list.
  21. Post-event eats and beer.
  22. New goals.
  23. Foam rollers.
  24. Treadmill TVs.
  25. Naps, mine and others’.
  26. Facial wipes.
  27. Disney Junior.
  28. Weekends.
  29. Text messaging.
  30. My mini-van.
  31. Chipotle.
  32. Teeth-whitening strips.
  33. Turning 33.

What’s on your gratitude list? —Erin

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