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Fertility Herbs, Acupuncture and Cracking the Emotion Code

acupunctureIt’s funny; my husband and I planned to start acupuncture regularly in spring of this year … and then September. But, life got in the way, and there was just too much on our plates. Not to mention that the timing just felt rushed. (Remember this post? Still very, very much following that mindset.) Instead, based off of some test results by our new reproductive specialists, we decided to make a few lifestyle tweaks. Then, just a few weeks ago, I felt the urge to try a few new things. Which is where the title of this post comes into play …

First, natural fertility herbs and supplements. After writing this post and lots and lots of research, I decided to add a few supplements to my daily routine: cod liver oil, maca powder, vitex and royal jelly. Sounds sexy, right? They’re not super cheap, but they are natural, and I figured it was worth giving a go, at least for a few months.

Second, we finally scheduled those acupuncture sessions. At long last the timing felt right, and so now Ryan and I are both doing weekly sessions and will continue for at least a few months. Ryan’s taking herbs, and I will be soon, too, when I start my next cycle. Acupuncture feels a little funny at first and it takes a little getting used to, but it’s an incredibly relaxing treatment that I really do enjoy. Whether you fully believe in the chi thing or not, research also supports acupuncture when it comes to boosting fertility. And for us, it just feels like the right next step.

Third — in what I might call divine intervention — I got an out-of-the-blue email from Brandon Hyde, a certified Emotion Code practitioner. The Emotion Code is kind of difficult to explain without experiencing it first hand, but it’s a way of releasing trapped emotions that may be causing physical symptoms in the body (or just leave you feeling less than well and balanced). Brandon originally reached out, wondering if we might be interested in trying a few sessions in regards to weight, diet and fitness — since he’s helped people to drop pounds, get healthier and eat a more nutritious diet. Seeing that I pretty much have the diet and exercise stuff down, I went on his site and noticed that one of the things he could help with was the big I word: infertility. Well, that got my attention.

And so for the last few weeks, I’ve been doing Emotion Code sessions with Brandon to possibly uncover some of the emotional baggage that could also be impeding optimal fertility for me. I’ll admit; it’s super hippity-dippity, but, hey, so am I. I’ll get into more in future posts, but in so many ways these sessions have broken me apart and put me back together in a more authentic, confident and loving way. Almost like going on an adventure, sessions have been a true discovery into parts of me that I truly had forgotten — and even parts I didn’t know existed. Four sessions in, I now feel lighter, safer and like some really heavy stuff and responsibilities have been lifted. It’s been pretty amazing.

So, yeah, after taking a much-needed break, lots of things are happening now. Things that feel right and nurturing and hopeful — not scary or forced. And I’m happy to report that in addition to just feeling better about the whole thing, I am also seeing physical proof of improvements. Last time we were at the reproductive specialist my hormone levels were all normal. My ovarian reserve (AMH) went from low (tested two and a half years ago) to normal today. (That’s a HUGE win; means we do have time.) And just this month my ovulation date bumped up by two to four days earlier than usual.

Now can I say which one of these many things is responsible? Or if all of them are? Nope. Can I give advice on what you should do if you’re in a similar situation? Not at all. But I do know that this whole following-my-heart thing does seem to be leading me in a good direction — and that obviously everyone has to take her own path. Even if all of the above changes are just in my head, and it’s all placebo effect, does it even matter if it results in a healthy baby or it brings me peace and better health? Again, no way. There is no right way or wrong way to do it no matter what you read or what others tell you; you just have to do what works for you. And I am beyond thrilled that THIS IS WORKING, baby step, by baby step for us.

Ever tried or are you currently trying fertility supplements, acupuncture or something like the Emotion Code to help you get pregnant? What’s your path like? —Jenn

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  1. Yeah you are right acupuncture help in relaxing. I have heard that Fertility Acupuncture is used in the process of fertilization. Does this really work? I think I should contact some specialist before trying it.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so happy you are feeling positive and optimistic about your path. I was doing regular acupuncture while struggling with infertility. Turns out I had PCOS but didn’t know it. It did end up bringing back my period, but then my husband and I moved and I went the more western way to get pregnant (clomid) since it was covered by insurance. I always wonder if continuing with my acupuncture/herb regimen would’ve got me pregnant since after just a few months it was showing dramatic improvements in my cycle. Best of luck to you, Jenn!

    1. Jenn says:

      Thanks, Heather! 🙂


  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Jenn
    I’ve been following your posts – it’s really difficult! Like the most difficult thing! We have been TTC for 5 years now. After the first year people pretty much stop asking. We have male factors (most recent had normal parameters for everything except morphology which was 2%). On top of this, I have managed to get pregnant twice in the past year only to miscarry. All the stress & hormones have given me Hashimoto’s disease! Now that I’m being treated things are better, but we are bracing to finally do IVF with ICSI. Men tend to not deal well, but honestly stay on course. I regret not being even more pushy with my husband. Consider taking coenzyme q10 if you aren’t already and talk to an RE about DHEA supplementation as it can help with low ovarian reserve. Also feel free to email me if you need someone else to talk to. I was one of the first of my friends to start TTC and now they are all on their second or third child. It’s awful to be left behind.

    1. Jenn says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kelly! Means a lot. We’re actually both taking Coq10 — and cod liver and fish oil for DHEA. I’ll pretty much try anything right now that I can! 🙂 So sorry about your miscarriages — that must have been really hard. And good luck with IVF — thinking of you. Hopefully you’ll be back commenting that you’re pregnant soon. Do let me know how it goes. And I’ll, of course, keep writing about my journey. I appreciate the advice and you sharing your experience!

      –FBG Jenn

  4. Kelly says:

    Hi Jenn,
    The DHA found in omega-3 and fatty fish is great for the heart and brain, but DHEA is great for women with reduced ovarian reserve (low AMH, high FSH), It’s now standard treatment for women over 40. It’s a hormone that can be found OTC, but it’s best prescribed by a doctor to ensure there are no side effects. The CHR in NYC pioneered it.

    I’m not super hopeful, 1/2 a decade in and it’s kind of like ‘Well I’ll regret not trying’, and I’ve pushed it on my husband. He dealt with it pretty terribly and should have been tested sooner (it took 2 years because I was under 30) as he is the ‘trifecta of infertility’ (undescended testicle at birth, stage 1 testicular cancer,no pregnancies in 2 marriages). He did not do well with his initial test and balked at IVF. we don’t have public coverage in Canada (except for 1 province I don’t live in), and private insurance through work covers nothing, so it’s frustrating to spend $14 000 for something that may or may not work.

    I have friends with PCOS, stage 4 endo, fibroids weighing 4 lbs, fsh of 14, advanced age (41), and they’ve all had successful pregnancies. It’s so frustrating as I seem to know people who by all rights should be infertile and boom! It’s been easy for them!

    If you can see a RE about the DHEA, it could help. I’m not sure what your AMH is (mine is 3.5 at age 33, so yeah I demanded the RPL after my m/c this summer), but it can help with lower than normal egg quality.


    1. Jenn says:

      Thanks, Kelly! Best of luck to you — everything we’re doing is out-of-pocket, too, so I TOTALLY feel you on that. 🙂


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