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Getting Fancy With Healthy Snacking: Oloves, Dipin, Stuff’d

Ever get sick of the same old snacks? Baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cheese sticks, protein bars, apples, almond butter … yes, they’re all healthy and delicious. But sometimes you just want something more savory. Something that feels a bit more fun — and fancy. Because, why can’t I treat myself to something fancy at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday just for the hell of it?
And then these landed on FBE’s doorstep.
Along with these.
It’s like my snacking prayers had been answered! Because these are exactly that: fancy snacks that are healthy, delicious and packaged in single servings. So, on a Tuesday afternoon, with a snack-hungry belly, I poured myself a glass of red wine and acted like I was in Madrid.
First up, those Oloves. Nutritionals and ingredients were solid. High on the sodium, but I’m pretty sure low-sodium olives would taste terrible and maybe wouldn’t even still be considered “olives.” The name Oloves? Super cute, too. Oh, how I love them. Har har!
In fun flavors like chili and lemon and oregano, these are really good. The different flavor profiles are pretty subtle — they mostly taste just like olives with a little hint of something extra — but they’re good. And for 50 calories, you get about 12 olives, which is a nice-sized snack!
These need no refrigeration and have an 18-month shelf life, so you can take them here, there or anywhere. There’s just a bit of olive-y liquid in the bag, but it’s not like they’re swimming in oil or anything, which is nice. And they’re free of most common allergens (g-free!), plus they’re vegan. What a fun, easy and natural snack!
Look, ma, no pits!
Up next, Dipin and Stuff’d. Also vegan and in single servings. With about 50 to 70 calories each, depending on the flavor.
Ingredient list? Clean.
And you get a pretty good little portion of each! I dipped carrots, celery, jicama and gluten-free crackers into these for my taste-test. Kind of like having tapas, it was.
The Pepper and Artichoke Bruschetta was rich and salty and full of flavor. God, I love artichokes.
The Classic Hummus was smooth and creamy and very hummus-y. (Not the best hummus I’ve ever had, but still good.)
The Black Olive Tapenade may not have looked super pretty, but once stirred was less of a block and tasted great. If you like black olives, this is quality. (Not like those black olives from a can.)
And lastly, probably my fave: The Stuff’d Grape Vine Leaves.
My little pack had two dolmas and they. were. GOOD.
Filling and hearty with that lovely mix of lemon and garlic, I wanted more. My first dolma broke apart easily, but it didn’t matter. The deliciousness couldn’t be stopped.
Also, the little fork it came with was just the cutest. The cutest. Like it was made for a miniature King Triton.
So, yeah, I’m declaring Oloves, Dipin and Stuff’d all a total win for healthy eaters looking to mix up their snacks or feel a little fancy or worldly. Or, pretend they’re a character from The Little Mermaid. You know, whatever floats your boat.
Do you ever get stuck in a snack rut? Eat olives or grape leaves regularly? Like to feel fancy? Love The Little Mermaid? Let’s talk. —Jenn

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