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Sriracha, Rooster Sauce … No Matter What You Call It, It’s the World’s Perfect Condiment

PerfectCondimentNothing fills my spicy food-loving heart with more glee than the above red bottle with the green cap (no matter the brand). I’ve had a long love affair with sriracha (or Rooster Sauce or whatever you like to call it!) ever since I stumbled upon it about eight years ago at a Thai restaurant. It was true love at first hot chili drizzle. So when it came time to pick my Healthy Obsession blog topic for Around the World Week? Duh. Sriracha. Forever and always. Amen.


I buy sriracha in bulk.

With just a touch of sweetness and a little bit of fire that fills your belly with heat, I love it on just about everything: sauteed saladseggs, tacos (of any and all kinds), chili and soups — and, of course, Thai food. Back in my gluten-eating glory days, I even used to make a homemade bread with it that was amazing. Really, besides desserts (and even that I’m sure I’d try), there’s not a whole lot I wouldn’t put it on. And I’m dying to try these sriracha cocktails.
Named after the coastal city of Si Racha in the Chonburi Province of Eastern Thailand, sriracha is a common condiment for Thai cooking, but it’s really taken the whole world by storm — and especially the U.S. I mean, when the news broke that the California Huy Fong Foods plant might be closed? PANIC. Thankfully, a sriracha crisis was averted. And we could all go on using copious amounts.
The only thing that could take my love affair of sriracha up a notch? Well, clearly I need to try making my own version at home (it’s just a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt … I can totally do that!) or this hoodie. Or, GOD, this pair of undies. I see a sriracha-themed holiday wish list in my very near future …
Do you love sriracha? What do you like to put it in — or, if you’re like me and love the rooster sauce, what don’t you like to put it on? —Jenn

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love Sriracha sauce as well! to add spice to any dish! But use the REAL sauce, not the trader joe brand or the Subway brand. Support small businesses like Huy Fong Foods!

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