Two Superfoods Combine for One Delicious Treat: Alter Eco Chocolate Truffles

alter-eco-chocolate-truffle-boxIf there’s one foodie gift that I love to give — and receive — it’s good, high-quality chocolate truffles. The ones that melt in your mouth and feel like such a decadent treat. The ones that are a bit more expensive than you can justify buying on a random Tuesday night. The ones that make your eyes roll back in your head. Yeah, those chocolate truffles.
I usually put a box of Lindor truffles in Ryan’s stocking every year in the hopes that he’ll share them with me. He usually does — nice guy that he is.
But this year, Christmas came early. Because not only are there already truffles in his stocking (shhh — don’t tell him!), these recently arrived at FBE HQ and I, you know, had to taste them.
Now, the Alter Eco Organic Black Truffles (dark chocolate sourced from Ecuador) and Velvet Truffles (dark milk chocolate sourced from Peru) have a lot going for them from the superfood perspective: They’re made from pure organic coconut oil that’s been combined with milk and cacao. While you guys probably already know that dark chocolate itself is full of all kinds of antioxidants, did you know that coconut oil is the new darling of the health-food world? True story; with its lauric acid, it’s said to help control weight, improve memory and regulate cholesterol.
Fair trade, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO and all in a recyclable box with wrappers that are compostable, these chocolate truffles have a lot going for them. And spoiler: with ingredients like high-quality chocolate and coconut oil, they are delicious. Good ingredient list aside, that’s not to say that they are on the low-cal side. No way, unless you can limit yourself to just one or two of them, in which case, go you!
We’re not worried about the fat in these because it is coconut oil and so good for you. But, again, moderation, moderation, moderation. Which might be a little tricky because these are darn tasty.
I tried the milk chocolate Velvet Truffles first. Pretty little design imprinted on the truffle, eh?
One bite in was nice and velvety smooth, sweet and rich. Just what you want a truffle to be. And I didn’t pick up really any coconut flavor. Just rich milk-chocolate goodness.
Up next, the dark chocolate Black Truffles. Dark chocolate is my favorite thing, like ever, so I was most pumped to try this one.
While the taste was deep, rich and everything you want a dark-chocolate truffle to be, the texture didn’t hold together quite as well as the Velvet Truffle.
But in the part that it did? Perfection.
While I wouldn’t say that these are the best-tasting chocolate truffles I’ve ever had (that feat goes to Christopher Elbow), I certainly wouldn’t turn one of these down. I dig what the company stands for, how it operates and the superfood health benefits that go into the treat. And if I’m lucky enough to get them in my stocking this Christmas, I’ll happily gobble more of them right up!
Do you love to find chocolate truffles in your stocking, too? Or give them to others? What’s your favorite kind that makes you feel like it’s a holiday? —Jenn

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