Finding Out Once and For All: Hello There, Mr. Endoscopy!

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Hopefully my gut is as pretty as this one! Credit: Hey Paul Studios, Flickr

Yep, I’ve finally reached my breaking point. I’ve been living with heartburn and acid explosions for too long. A couple of weeks ago I was so crazy full of acid that my face literally exploded with fever blisters. That’s not my cup of tea. That’s not normal, especially considering that I eat pretty darn well and work out regularly. I don’t want to do all the good things nice Fit Bottomed Girls do and still have issues, so I made an appointment with a gastroenterologist and she told me what I knew all along: that I’m way too healthy and young to be dealing with this. I shouldn’t have been on heartburn medicines for as long as I have been. I need a new plan of attack.

(It was a hallelujah moment for me.)

She recommended ultrasounds and a — gulp — endoscopy, which is scary stuff, but I’m so sick of being sick that I’ll do anything at this point to make it all stop. So today I go under for about four hours so that they can do a five-minute checkaroo. They’ll assess my gut, liver, kidneys … look all around in those areas to see what the heck is causing the madness. This ain’t cheap and going under is always terrifying for me, but I’m an advocate for exploring and problem-solving.

While my GI doctor and her team tries to figure out what’s going on, I’ll be taking her advice and purchasing some organic kefir and some alkaline water from Whole Foods. (I love doctors who take holistic approaches to wellness. I immediately eased upon hearing her suggestions.) So hopefully this nips it all in the bud. Wish me and that clever little gut camera some luck!  I would say I aim to be a fit gutted girl, but that sounds really zombie gross. Too much Walking Dead, sorry.

Exploratory procedures can be scary, but they can also be super duper helpful. What about you? Are you proactive with your health? Have you been delaying making a call and getting answers? If so, hopefully this is the much needed sign to making that call and getting some answers. —Tish

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