Going French in Palm Springs

I’m not a sophisticated foodie. I can’t stress that enough. I know I should appreciate and love pretentious chefs who frown upon menu substitutions and so forth, but I always become disgruntled when I read the menu warnings … even though the food is always totally awesome and worth it every darn time.
This was the case with the second restaurant we tried in Palm Springs. Farm sounded way too out there for my tastes: They were pretty clear that there would be no menu changes and randomly did not serve ketchup. I found this last part to be the odd part that nearly broke this weird camel’s back.
I was hesitant to join my husband and family for breakfast, but hunger won and I succumbed. Good thing because Farm ended up being the most fun I had experiencing food while in Palm Springs. (Somehow I’m sure the chef was confident in this and thus could get away with publishing such snooty warnings.)
The menu choices were amazing! I seriously took a good 20 minutes trying to decide what to order. In the end I chose the Fall Breakfast Hash from the Curiosities list. (Can I just say I loved that there was a section of dishes named curiosities?) It consisted of oven-roasted root vegetables, vegetable hash and an egg. No substitutions or ketchup needed. It was delicious, full of flavorful seasonings and hardy to boot.

breakfast food

I was tickled with the cups they serve their French press coffee in: perfectly square. These proved to be a good conversation starter for our breakfast chat. How do you drink it? Do you chose a corner? Try for the flat side? We’re a goofy bunch. This was highly entertaining.

square coffee cup

I loved the French accents. EVERYTHING was legit French from the Le Creuset dishes to silverware. So very French provincial!

french restaurant

Dessert for breakfast was a first for me, but hey, when in Rome you have to try new things! This Nutella and strawberry crepe was a crowd pleaser. There were five us total who all shared in this perfectly sweetened, light treat.  We all patted our bellies with happy glee. I like dessert for breakfast! Will definitely have to try that again!

breakfast dessert

I loved Farm the most out of all the places we tried. I loved its hidden location. It was quiet and beautiful and felt very much like we had stepped out of Palm Springs and into the South of France (or at least, that’s what I imagine since I’ve never been there). The decor was beautiful; tons of light and pleasant staff who didn’t flog us too hard when we STILL managed to ask about the ketchup. Americans … I tell you what.
What are your feelings about hip places like this? Too pretentious? Or just a fun foodie adventure? And how would you drink out of that square coffee mug? —Tish

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