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Golden Nugget of Parenting Wisdom: A Green Bean Is Just a Green Bean

GoldenNuggetI’ll be the first to admit that I get frazzled and stressed out by my kids. When one is yanking out yards of dental floss while the other is busy trying to scale the kitchen table or splashing in a toilet, I feel like I’ve lost all control in the house. And it seems that every time I attempt to put on any makeup, some disaster is awaiting me when I’m done. Just yesterday as I was applying lipstick for the first time in roughly three years, I heard an earnest, “But I didn’t mean to write on your bed.” I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized it was just a dot of pen on a sheet — but I let out a big sigh when I noticed that all of the folded laundry had been knocked onto the floor.

So like any frazzled mama who feels like the kids are out to destroy the household, I needed this reminded from one of my favorite sane parenting experts, Elizabeth Pantley. As you may remember, Elizabeth saved my sanity with her tips on infant sleep. This video from her is a great reminder to remember what’s important when it comes to parenting, and really, life.

Can’t see the video? Click here for Elizabeth Pantley’s golden nugget of parenting wisdom. 

If you haven’t seen KidsInTheHouse.com, check it out. It has a wealth of experts sharing their expertise with parents. If you have a parenting question, I can almost guarantee you’ll find an answer there, with short videos from experts on various topics. Elizabeth Pantley herself has several dozen videos on topics from sleep to potty training and picky eaters.

Do you have to remind yourself that “it’s just a green bean” — or dental floss or laundry — every now and then, too? —Erin

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