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Handsfree Roundup: InCase, BANDI, Armpocket and Fitletic

Whether your workout of choice is running, strength training, dancing, or anything else, two things are pretty likely. One, you’re gonna have stuff — your gym card, keys, phone, ID, etc. And two, you don’t want to carry it in your sweaty little hands the whole time.

Happily, there are a host of products made just for this issue. We’ve rounded up a few handsfree options that’ll hold just about anything you might want to take with you for a workout. One of them is sure to be a good fit for you!

handsfree roundup


Armpocket offers armbands to fit basically any type of smart phone or mp3 player you can come up with, and their site not only allows you to sort by device to make sure you find a case that works with your phone, but it also has a nifty comparison chart to help you find just what you need. Have a small phone with no case and don’t want to carry much else? The i-10 is perfect for you. Looking for something that’ll hold your phone in its big ol’ protective case, plus a bit of cash, your keys, a small pouch of sunscreen and maybe something else? You might want to check out the i-25.

Each option comes in various sizes (and yes, a size chart is available, so get to work measuring those biceps!) and a multitude of colors. Prices range from $24.95 to $39.95.


BANDI Belts are designed to give you the functionality of a fanny pack without looking like, you know, a fanny pack. They fit low at the waist, right against your lower back. The sleek design keeps the pouch flatter against your body than many other sport belts and there are no zippers to fiddle with — a fitted flap keeps everything contained.

BANDI Belts are available in a bunch of colors and designs, most of them really bright, although there are a few plain colors from which to choose as well. Just one size is available, but it’s adjustable and fits most low-waist sizes (which, remember, is going to be a few inches larger than your actual waist size) 30 inches to 45 inches. Regardless of color, they’re $28 each.

Fitletic Quench

Sometimes you don’t just want your phone and keys with you — you want some water as well. The Fitletic Quench is a fitness belt that serves both those needs with a zippered pocket and holsters to fit most 12- to 24-ounce water bottles. It claims to be bounce-free, and while the version I tried held smaller bottles, I can attest to the fact that, once I adjusted it to fit snugly, it didn’t move much at all. In addition to the roomy water-resistant pocket, it offers race belt toggles and loops to hold energy gels.

The Quench is available in nine colors and two adjustable sizes. The price is $48.95, although other Fitletic hydration belts (like the one I tried) start at $39.95.


Of all the items I looked into for this roundup, the InCase was the one I expected to like the least. I had actually purchased the sports armband a while back and found it difficult to use. However, the Sports Armband Deluxe is a different story — the phone clips in easily and because there’s not actually any material covering the screen, there’s no problem with using the touch screen functionality. And, if you don’t care to wear it on your upper arm, you can adjust the strap for your wrist or even clip it on a belt or a pack.

The InCase website only lists this for the iPhone 5, but what I received works for my iPhone 4s, so it might be worth looking at it in person at your nearest Apple store. Unfortunately, this is specifically for Apple products, so if you have a different type of phone, this might not work for you. The Sports Armband Deluxe costs $44.95.

What do you look for in your handsfree accessories? Do you have a favorite item we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments! —Kristen

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