It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year … Because My Husband’s Off Work!

fail585It’s been some rough days around here lately. I’m all thumbs, the kids have me running around in circles, and all I can think some days is “I am failing SO HARD!”

Last week, I sent Jenn an email recounting my bad week. I had managed to pull a dry erase board off the wall, and in doing so, pulled out half the wall with it. There was an unfortunate packing peanut incident where I was cursing anyone who might even consider sending me anything with packing peanuts ever in the future. There has been pee happening in places it should not be happening. One day, I was getting something out of the fridge and managed to whack my head on my way out. Then I was reaching out the front door getting the mail and somehow managed to misjudge where the door jamb was and ran my forehead SMACK into it on the way back in. Oh, and let me not forget the entire display of chocolate bars I knocked down at the grocery store while I had both kids in tow. It was about as not-awesome as it sounds. At least a hundred chocolate bars. Every-freaking-where.

It’s just been a series of weeks where if I leave the kids in another room for two seconds, I return to find the game of Scrabble out with every single game piece thrown around the living room. Or I hear a crash and sprint to the other room hoping it’s not a serious injury. My daughter has been skipping naps more and more frequently, so my peaceful mid-day work time is disappearing quickly. One day she didn’t nap and my son slept for 30 minutes (he’s usually a 2+ hour sleeper). It was 2 p.m. and I had, like, four hours until my husband would be home. I knew that to survive the day, I’d have to high-tail it to the gym to get a break. Fifty minutes on the treadmill never felt so good. And quiet. And necessary.

I’ve been seriously overextended and frazzled. I’m not sure why it’s translating into me being an incompetent silly goose (imbecile sounds too mean, right?) , but I need some serious back-up. I need reinforcements. And luckily for me, I’m getting it! This is the wonderful time of year when my husband has vacation days to burn, his office shuts down for a week and I get help all day, every day for like 18 days straight. It is awesome and so needed right now.

I know he’ll be more than ready to get back to his day job when the time comes. I’m just hoping when that day comes, I’ll have had some time to get my head on straight, kick my clumsies to the curb and get some stuff done that I’ve been unable to do since, like, July. I need a moment or two to breathe, gather myself and gear up for the New Year. Here’s hoping 2014 brings with it a lot more zen. And way less pee in weird places.

Ever have those completely frazzled weeks? I’m not the only one … ? —Erin  

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