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My Run Happy Resolutions

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Now that I have the gear to keep me warm (along with being sooo inspired by all of you guys’ awesome reasons for hitting the pavement in winter), there’s no doubt that I’ve been more inspired than ever to put some miles in outdoors this winter. Back when I was marathon training in 2009, I remember really enjoying long chilly runs, but — confession — I’ve since become a bit more of a fair-weather running fan. But now I’m ready to get back to it.

Problem is, my right hamstring apparently has other plans.

About a week and a half ago, after a particularly tough and heavy-on-the-legs workout, it felt weird. I took a day off. It felt okay. I went for an easy two-mile run and did some easy yoga that next day. It felt good. I went to the Fit Pit for what ended up being a workout of lunges of all kinds the next day. It felt fine during the workout. But after? Not so much. Not so much at all. For the rest of that day I had an aching, ongoing pain and I limped around. For the following next few days I did the whole RICE thing. (Side note: Having to ice during December is, like, totally not fun.) And it’s just now starting to feel better but is certainly not 100 percent right.

So when Brooks Running wanted our sponsored post this month to be about my Run Happy resolutions and how I’ll run happier in the New Year, well, I had one thing on my mind: getting my body healed and then staying injury free. And, then, of course, running LIKE A BOSS. (A slowish boss, but a boss nonetheless.)

My 2014 Run Happy Resolutions

1. Get my hammie back to happy. It’s impossible to run happy with an injury, so clearly me taking the time off to get my hamstring back and then easing back into running is key. I shall listen to my body and be extra careful getting back into my workouts.

2. Warm-up properly. I know how to dynamically warm-up. But do I always do it? Well, er, um. Hmmm. Gonna have to change that. Clearly I’ve learned the hard way that I really need to follow my own damn advice.

3. Make flexibility a priority. What I just said about warming up properly? Go ahead and apply that to flexibility, too. I’m much better about doing yoga regularly and foam rolling more than ever, but I need to make it a habit and a routine. As natural and normal as brushing my teeth!

4. Complete the Brew-to-Brew  — and have a wicked fun time. This April, we FBGs are gathering in Kansas City for the Brew to Brew relay race. More details to come, but I want to run my 4-mile leg fast! Which leads me to my final resolution …

5. Incorporate speed work once a week. Once I’m fully and totally healed, I want to add in some sprints and running intervals once a week. If I ever want to feel comfortable at a faster pace — which is another running goal of mine — this is a must. And I have a feeling that having new shoes like this will totally help! (After all, these shoes make me look super fast!)

Do you have any Run Happy resolutions? Any advice for rehabbing a strained hamstring? Do tell! —Jenn

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