Denise Austin’s Best New Year’s Fit Tip — And We Love It

Today’s Fit Tip Friday is special, guys. Not only because it’s New Year New Rear Week but also because it’s from freakin’ Denise Austin! She’s pretty much the queen of workout DVDs, and she totally rocks our fit world. We got the chance to ask her to share her best overall New Year fit tip for 2014, and here it is!


Amen to that, Denise! She goes on to say that …

“Truly, dancing does that for me — it will help you out of your shell and most importantly get you moving while having fun. My new DVD Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance is a sexy, spicy fun workout that gives you that confidence to be whoever you want to be — and to let it out! My favorite move is the cha-cha because cha-chas make your hips sexy while tightening your tummy and as a result you get a nice waistline while you dance. Dancing is one of the fastest ways to get your body in shape, and this is such a freeing and fun way to do it. The workout features great music that gets you moving and on your feet. Your New Year’s resolution should be all about changing your mood and your perspective — and finding easier ways to be positive and happy. It is not all about going to the gym and working out on a treadmill. Fitness doesn’t have to be stuck in a gym. It’s about dancing, moving and having a good time.”

Want to check out that cha-cha that Denise loves so much? Check out a clip from Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance below or here!

How are you being more positive and more of yourself in the New Year? —Jenn


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  1. I LOVE Denise Austin! I’ve worked out to her DVD (dare I say, even VCR tapes! Ha!) for years! Her approach is so simple and so honest and it works!!

  2. I have to agree with Denise; I love dancing. You know the largest part of my dancing DVD collection is bellydancing!! It is so fun and the costumes are beautiful and lovely to watch as you dance along. Young or old, you can always dance.

  3. Denise Austin looks WAAAY over 50, trust me. One-hundred percent of her photos are heavily re-touched. Her sun-damaged skin makes her face and neck look like an 87-year-old.