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Erin’s Goals For 2014: Keeping It Simple

This week, as part of New Year New Rear Week, each FBG is sharing her healthy goals and resolutions for the year — and the big reasons why they are what they are. Goals … whys … go!

I love the start of a new year. It’s a clean slate, a new calendar, a fresh start. So many of us start out with goals and resolutions that get ignored, so this year we’re looking at why we’re really looking to accomplish these goals. When you’re feeling unmotivated, it can help not just to think of that big goal but the why behind it. Sometimes the why is the big reminder and kick in the pants you need to take those baby steps that add up to accomplishing the big goals. So after a hectic 2013, my main goal for 2014 is to try to keep things simple. So I’m kicking off the simple with my goals for the year! Here’s why.

Erin’s Goals for 2014: And Why!


Goal for 2014: simplicity!

1. Keep running. My goal is to run 5 to 6 miles each week. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but for me, consistently running a couple of times a week will be a huge accomplishment. (See how I wrote that as if I know I’ll succeed? Try it!) After working so hard to be able to slowly build up to running without pain, I’ll be darned if I’m going to lose that progress. I love being able to go to the gym to crank out a few easy miles on the treadmill, or do a 3.5-mile loop in my neighborhood and not be sore the next day. I love being able to focus on hills and intervals and speed, rather than using all of my mental running energy thinking, “How will I survive one more mile of this torture!?” Consistently running makes running way more … if not fun, more tolerable!

Why I want to do it: So I can easily run a few miles whenever I want. Because you never know when you’ll need to run from zombies. To stay injury-free. To take care of my heart.

2. Do a mind/body event once a week. Stress is one thing I need to get a handle on, so I’m prioritizing making my mind as much of a priority as my body this year. What do I mean by “mind/body”? It could be yoga, it could be a workout like IntenSati that has mindful elements, or it could simply be five minutes of meditation. I could also fold it into my running time, where I spend part of my run trying to totally clear my mind and enjoy the silence. By carving out time to clear mental space once a week, I’ll be able to better focus and prioritize. We often need these types of breaks when we feel like we don’t have time for them! It’ll help my sanity and focus to be able to just “be” in silence or alone with thoughts and sweat — even if that’s in the few minutes before falling asleep at night.

Why I want to do it: To clear my mind. To better take care of others. To take care of me.

3. Cut the clutter and noise. And by clutter and noise I mean both physical mess and digital interference with daily life. I am totally guilty of being addicted to my phone, and it’s not improving the quality of my life. Time spent on my phone can be better spent doing anything other than being on my phone. I plan to be in the moment more, and on my phone less. Not mindlessly surfing the internet to avoid doing the dishes, not checking Facebook to put off responding to emails. Do I really need to read Dear Prudence’s advice column? Yes. Do I need to click on that article about the celeb who lost the baby weight? Not likely.

Why I want to do it: To not be these people. To be more productive. To be a better example. To be a better me.

Anyone else trying to simplify their workout routines and lives in 2014? What goals are you setting to get that done and what’s your why? —Erin

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