Find Your Next Favorite Workout

Group Of Women Exercising In Dance Studio

So you started 2015 with some awesome intentions, but maybe now you’ve realized that some of your fitness goals aren’t quite as fun as you’d expected. Like, maybe you swore you’d run five times a week but it turns out you … don’t really love running. Or you planned out tons of yoga classes but find yourself wanting a different kind of challenge.

No worries — that’s why we’re here! We’ve mapped out a few different fitness preferences and ways to use those preferences to find a new workout you just might fall head over super-fit heels for. Click the image below or click here to view full size.

Fitness Flowchart

Oh, and you might also want to check out these tips for exercising according to your introvert or extrovert tendencies. Let us know what answers you got (and whether you’re game to give it a go)! —Kristen


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  1. HA! It pointed me to Body Pump, which I was lucky enough to already find! The first three days of this year my gym held intro classes of Body Pump since it is new to the schedule and I attended all three!