Finding Fitness in Everything You Do: Tish and the Deva Cut

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Credit: Shai Amiel, owner and master cutter at Capella Salon

I’ve learned something about growing older and trying new things. When you set out on the path you’re supposed to be on (i.e. one that involves fitness and “welling” one’s being), you start to receive little messages from the Universe telling you you’re on the correct path. (If you’ve ever read The Alchemist then you know what I’m talking about.) You’d assume fitness talk would stop once I leave the gym each day, but living a healthy lifestyle means the talk follows you wherever you go. For me, that includes the hair salon.

I was just minding my business, trying out a new cut called the Deva Cut at this great salon in my hood. Shai Amiel did his dang thang on my head with this totally awesome cut, then handed me off to his colleague (Marlee) to wash and style my ‘fro. Marlee gives a mean shampoo! Homegirl almost made me fall asleep, but before I drifted off into la la land she said something about cuts and styling that resonated with this Fit Bottomed Girl like whoa:

“…It’s like fitness for instance. You don’t complete a killer workout and then go ruin it by eating a greasy hamburger. The same applies to a cut and style. You don’t get a great haircut and then go and throw crap products in your hair.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! I got it! It clicked, and I was tickled all things fit. Throw me a fitness comparison and it shall resonate and delight me. It all made sense. Not that I ever have, but I DEFINITELY will not be putting any weird “foods” on my head in hopes of conditioning it. That’s Shai’s big no-no. “We don’t have enzymes in our hair, therefore we can’t breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the salad concoction you’ve created on your noggin.”

Makes sense, right? I’ll stick to products that help rather than hurt. I’ll treat a cut like a workout. Right after I work out, I grab some protein to give my workout its full benefit. I’ll take just as much care in the post-cut routines, too.

Like I said, when you’re living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating well, you’ll start to notice a healthy world opening up all around you. It’s an uncanny scenario, I tell ya! —Tish

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