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Fruit Bliss Review: The Moistest Dried Fruit I’ve Ever Tasted

fruitblissdatesI’m the first to admit that dried fruit can be a total hit or miss for me. I dig the dried apple chips on my Panera salads, but would never munch on them on their own. I like dried cranberries in trail mix or in salads I make at home, but I rarely reach for them as a snack. Banana chips? Pretty much make me want to gag. Okay, so it looks like most dried fruits are a miss for me. But weirdly, the dried fruit that gets the bad rap — prunes — are actually one of my favorite dried-fruit options.
So when Fruit Bliss dropped us a line to see if we wanted to try its juicy dried fruits, I signed right up. After all, I wanted to see if it was possible for dried fruits to be as moist and delicious as claimed. And their claims? True.
The dried plums (ahem, prunes) are honestly the best I’ve had. The texture is soft and supple, and the moisture is off the charts for something so dried and shrunken from its original size and water content. They taste great, too, and my kids and I both enjoy them as snacks. We also tried the dried figs, dates and apricots, and while they were all tasty, the plums were my definite favorite. I loved the figs, too, though, as there is something truly lovely about the crunch of the tiny seeds.


If you can ignore the fact that they don’t look like the most appealing food you’ll ever eat, you won’t regret trying them. My 3-year-old makes jokes about these, my 23-month-old son pretends to understand, they both laugh, and then devour them anyway.


Dates on top, and plum on the bottom.

I can’t even discuss an ingredients list, because there isn’t really one. Fruit, water. That’s it. No preservatives, nothing funky. They’re great to  have on hand to take as quick snacks to go or to top off a lunch with some whole-fruit sweetness. Because believe it or not, these will satisfy your need for that afternoon sweet-treat pick-me-up if you are inclined in that direction as I am.

Funny enough, I wrote the headline without realizing that Fruit Bliss’ packaging carries the phrase “The moistest dried fruit you’ll ever taste!” They know what they’re talking about.

Do you like dried fruit or pass on the prunes? Would the promise of moisture change your mind? —Erin

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