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How to Free Yourself From Calorie Counting (And Lose Weight)!

Yesterday we shared a review of Jonathan Bailor’s new book, The Calorie Myth, and today, as promised, we’re sharing 10 of his top tips to freeing yourself from calorie-counting and how to eat S-A-N-E!


Jonathan Bailor’s 10 Tips for SANE Eating

1. Free yourself from calorie counting. There are three reasons why counting calories brings us down a counterproductive path. (You can find more detail in my new book.)

  • We assume that we burn a fixed number of calories every day, but if you lower your calorie intake, the number of calories you burn will decrease as well.
  • Although there are numerous base metabolic rate (BMR) calculators, there is no tool available that accurately measures how many calories we burn.
  • We know that fewer calories in, or more calories out does not in and of itself cause the body to burn fat. If our metabolism slows down from lack of nutrients then we will burn muscle and fat leading to hunger, which in the end will leave us fatter and sicker.

2. Shift from short-term weight-loss to long-term fat loss and health. Get rid of the scale and set goals that will focus on long-term changes. This frees us from worrying about our weight and the risk of relapsing into old habits.

3. Set meaningful goals and a realistic time table. Remain patient while the body heals itself, which keeps us slim and healthy. Set three or five goals and don’t look at them again for three months. By constantly comparing ourselves to our long-term goals, we will elevate them and never achieve them.

4. Rethink nutrition labels. SANE foods (non-starchy vegetables, seafood, meats, raw nuts, and so on — more on SANE foods here) don’t have nutrition labels. If you do examine them, look for foods with high fiber and protein, and no sugar. Overall, the fewer ingredients the better.

5. Save money and buy groceries in bulk. Purchase non-starchy vegetables and nutrient-dense protein at bulk wholesalers or at farmer’s markets.

6. Master snacking and on-the-go eating. Although my book’s eating plan doesn’t involve much snacking, there are many energy boosting snacks that can satisfy your cravings: protein bars, baked kale chips, nuts or seeds and hard-boiled eggs.

7. Simplify with blended smoothies. Consume two to five servings of non-starchy vegetables raw while drinking something that tastes amazing, as low-fructose fruits like berries and protein powder mask the taste of the raw vegetables. Use a blender rather than a juicer to keep all of the fiber and healthy nutrients.

8. Protect your SANE-ity at events and holidays. Keep yourself satisfied before an event with water, fiber and protein-rich food.

9. Enjoy lots of water and green tea. Your body requires at least eight glasses of water per day to burn body fat effectively. Drinking water decreases the concentration of various substances in the blood, which increases our body’s ability to burn fat. Green tea is another option with many of the same beneficial factors as it has shown to prevent weight gain, cancer, dental and bone problems, diabetes and more.

10. Forget perfection. Commit publicly. Get support. Focus on the big picture and arm yourself with the information necessary to look and feel good. Commit to your goals and tell your friends and family to draw support and motivation from those who you love and others who are enjoying a similar lifestyle.

A big thanks to Jonathan to sharing his tips! Who’s ready to be freed from calorie counting?! Remember: You’re more than a number on the scale — and the number of calories you just ate, ladies! —Jenn

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