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How’s Your Gym Etiquette?

Throughout the month of January and even into February, my Facebook feed is riddled with people sharing their workouts and, in many cases, sharing gripes about their time at the gym.

I get it. The gym is a bit more crowded right now because people have chosen the start of the New Year to embrace a healthier lifestyle, which means there are a few more bodies lining up for the treadmill. But you won’t hear any of us FBGs complaining — it might mean a little more time waiting in line for a machine, but it means more people are getting fit! That’s a good thing!

However, I will (and sometimes do) complain about the breaches of etiquette shown by my fellow gym-goers. And no, I’m not necessarily talking about newbies making innocent mistakes — I’m talking about longtime gym rats who use the fact that the gym is a little extra busy as an excuse to forget their manners. Do that, and I’ll call you out in a heartbeat (as one gentleman at my gym’s pool recently learned).

So, whether you just joined a gym or have been a regular ever since you were old enough for a membership, we’ve put together an infographic featuring some of the most common (and annoying!) gym etiquette mistakes.

Check it out below, click here for a shareable image, or, if you’re feelin’ fancy, you can embed this code on your own blog:

<iframe width=”585″ height=”1828″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”overflow-y:hidden;” src=”https://magic.piktochart.com/embed/1103655-flow-2″></iframe>

Do you agree with these? Any you would add? Feel free to share with friends and keep the conversation going! Kristen

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  1. I’m a trainer at a gym where talking on cell phones is not allowed and even using cell phones in any capacity in the locker room is not allowed (because of camera capabilities). It makes for a much more relaxed environment, for sure.

    The thing that drives me nuts is equipment left everywhere, especially when someone leaves a mat on the floor in front of the mat hooks. You couldn’t bend over and grab it? Pet peeve.

  2. Brianna Winning says:

    I totally agree with these!

    I have to add to the rule about cell phones… Don’t check them while you’re in class! I was in a kickboxing class one time and as I was about to kick , a woman (who ALWAYS checks her phone during class) walked right next to me. to look to see who was texting her, since her phone was right in front of me on the floor. I had to stop my kick to make sure I didn’t kick her. She gave me a dirty look, above it all. So RUDE!

    Also, if someone puts their stuff down to reserve their spot, don’t move it because you want their spot! They got there first, so let them have it! I get to the gym an hour before class to get the spot I want. it’s all about respect.

  3. Kiales says:

    Amen! Especially people who don’t put their weights away. “Thank you, kind sir, I was really hoping to get put on clean-up duty!”

  4. John says:

    I would have to say #1 is my biggest pet peeve. I had when the person before you leave the place all wet and messy and does not wipe down after.
    Not wiping down after should be cause for being banned. lol just because I love wiping down someones sweat before my workout. lol

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