Inspiration Between Sets: Conversations From the Gym

GymTalk585I wasn’t a chatter box at my old gym. (I usually tried to get in and out as fast as I could), but when it comes to my “new” gym I’m a social queen. You see, I work from home permanently, so I rarely talk to actual human beings face-to-face. Going to the company gym is like a work family reunion. I get to catch up, connect and recharge my mouth batteries. My husband manages the gym, so I get time to work out under his watch and talk shop with those who work with him.

Enter fun people who always bring the joy and motivation! I walk away with THE best conversations each time I go in. Plus it’s great rest in between sets! I asked the ladies in this particular post if I could post a little something about them and the wonderful words they shared. They were down and thus my post was born. (It’s like HONY, but FBG-style.)


When I asked her how her triathlon training was going and her motivations …

“All I know is people don’t have faith in themselves or others … we put limits on ourselves because we forget that we embrace such a power within … a power that has no limits. I don’t define myself, by age, gender or anything else. I have a bumper sticker that says “Question Authority” … whether it’s a doctor, policeman, trainer, we must believe we too possess authority. In my case, when I read on a TRX strap that the TRX is for those from 2 to 50, dammit, I’ll prove it can be for those 2 to 100! How dare others put limitations on us? How dare we put limitations on ourselves?”

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 She was gushing about the gentle yoga class she loves…

“I love the class a lot. It’s where I get in my best stretching. I love my yoga teacher, too … She follows the moon and stars and shit.”

I have a feeling I’ll be posting more of these lovely run-ins with people. They brighten my day and, by golly, I love sharing brightness! Do you like to share? Care to post any wonderful comments you overheard or were privy to in the gym? —Tish

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  1. Suzannah says:

    I overheard a woman talking about her commitment to exercise and was really impacted by her story. One day she decided that she was going to carve out 10 minutes each day to exercise because she wanted to be healthy for her family and herself. Once she committed to 10 minutes a day for 3-4 weeks, she added a few minutes and over time increased the number of minutes she exercised. I thought that was a great way to get started! Gradually! So many people try to jump in with 30 minutes or an hour, which really disrupts a person’s schedule. Try figuring it out with just a few minutes and it is so much more manageable. It is also a good way to get your body conditioned for exercise. Thanks for the inspirations you talked about Tish!

  2. Tish says:

    I love that Suzannah!!! Aren’t those stories so wonderful? Totally keep me motivated and inspired!

  3. john b. says:

    rel-life fitness stories really do inspire and motivate. keep sharing these stories!