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Kristen’s Goals for 2014: A Major Departure

This week, as part of New Year New Rear Week, each FBG is sharing her healthy goals and resolutions for the year — and the big reasons why they are what they are. Goals … whys … go!

I like goals. I like them a whole lot. I even like the bad ones. Goals not only motivate me, but they let me define the person I want — and plan — to be. So, although it’s not too difficult for me to commit to goals, this year, things are a bit different.

At this time last year, I’d committed to competing in the biggest race of my life, as well as another half marathon. I was ready to get into the best physical shape of my life. And I did, and it was amazing … and then I injured my knee this fall, and I feel like everything since then has been about rehabbing it.

And that’s kind of going to be the case for the foreseeable future. I’ve received the all-clear to run again as long as I don’t experience pain, but the issue causing the pain is osteoarthritis, which isn’t going to just go away, so while I can still plan to race and compete, I need to take a very different approach than I did a year ago.

Kristen’s Goals for 2014: And Why!

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2014: A year of finding peace, balance and happiness. Credit: jessebezz, Flickr

1. Don’t sweat the setbacks. I’m totally a worrier, and it’s been a challenge for me to remain calm in the face of injury. Getting some answers has helped, but I’m having to work hard to keep from stressing about what might happen in six months or a year or five years.

Why I want to do it: To feel a deeper appreciation for what I CAN do instead of focusing on what I can’t. To acknowledge that healing is a process. To accept that I’m not invincible, and that’s okay.

2. Create a strong mind/body practice. In addition to the knee, I’m still dealing with TMJ. Yes, it’s been a year, and no, it hasn’t stopped hurting. (And yes, I’m sure I do sound like your Great Aunt Marge who’s always going on about her sciatica. Sorry.) I’ve been doing physical and massage therapy, I’ve been taking the pain meds prescribed, and now, I’m going to see what a better mind/body practice, and a better balance overall, might offer that ailment.

Why I want to do it: To be present. To stop being in pain, and maybe get to the root of it. Because I refuse to give TMJ any more of my life than I already have.

3. Throw out less food. The Kristen who grocery shops is a total fit foodie. The Kristen who has to cook? Not always. I want to continue my good practices of stocking up on tons of veggies, but I want to actually follow through and make meals with them all.

Why I want to do it: To be healthier. To challenge myself in the kitchen. To be less wasteful.

4. Get better at the things I know I can do. Although I acknowledge and accept that I’m going to have to take my running game easy for at least a little while (see No. 1), there are things that I’m not held back from doing. There’s nothing stopping me from becoming a stronger swimmer and cyclist, so this year, I plan to take a couple of seconds off of my 50 freestyle time and ramp up my weekly mileage on the bike. (Jared got me a bike trainer for Christmas, so that should be a big help!)

I mean, come on. You guys didn’t really think I was going to write out a list of goals and not have at least one focusing on racing, right?

Why I want to do it: To keep myself from going nuts. To make sure I continue to challenge myself physically. To prove that I don’t give up.

Have you come up with your deep down “why”? Tell me about it! —Kristen

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