Like to Drink? Like to Work Out? This Might Be for You …

We’re all about everything in moderation here at FBE, but I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes have one glass too many or probably one more cocktail than is necessary (guilty as charged!). I love wine, and I’m a sucker for high-quality creative cocktails. So much so that the wine guy at one of my favorite restaurants knows me by name (and he knows exactly the kinds of wine I like to drink) and the best bar in town to get a cocktail knows that Ryan and I like our sazeracs dry and our happy hour munchies gluten-free.
So, you know, when it comes to drinks, I get around. And thus when a pitch for LyteShow, “the world’s first electrolyte product for active people who enjoy the occasional adult beverage” came in to FBE, well, they were pretty much talking directly to me. And so I decided to take them up on their magical promise of rapid rehydration.
You probably already know that when you drink, your body loses fluids and electrolytes. If you drink too much and don’t recover those fluids, you can have something totally icky like a hangover or just have decreased performance at the gym the next day. But LyteShow has a complete balance of magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride, which the company says helps you to recover from a night of drinking or even help you to replace electrolytes lost in sweat, prevent muscle cramps and help you recover quickly following exercise when you drink it during a workout. A two-fer product? Man, I love those.
It’s pretty simple to use, too. Just add 3 milliliters (not ounces, FYI. Not that I know that from experience or anything … ) to 32-ounces of water and drink while you’re boozing and the morning after. Or, take it when exercising — and not boozing, obviously. I like that there are no artificial sweeteners, sugars or calories in this. Just straight up electrolytes. Sea water, yum.
And, guys, they even have a travel-sized flask that you can tuck in your purse or gym bag. Brilliant. And cute.
This stuff has really no taste when added to water. It does make the water a bit softer (but we have really hard water here in Kansas City, so that might play a role) and a touch saltier, but that’s the only thing that I noticed, and it’s minor. My husband I both tried this during and then the day after a night of imbibing, and it did seem to help. I still didn’t feel 100 percent the next day, but I felt pretty good. And I was able to rally for a run later in the day, and the run turned out great. One bottle of this stuff goes for $14.95, which is a bit pricey, but there are close to 40 servings in the bottle. And, um, that should last you quite a while.
Now, I’m sure some of the positive effects of this is due to the fact that you’re downing 32 ounces of water while you’re drinking and the day after. That on its own would help, I’d think. But I’m sure the electrolytes also help boost your ability to recover, and they certainly help when you’re in the gym, sweating it out. This isn’t a product I’d like to use all the time (um, if so, that whole “moderation” thing is no longer moderate!), but when I know I’m going out to celebrate (birthday, weddings, New Year’s Eve, going to Il Centro, etc.), I think it’s worth packing!
Would you try something like LyteShow? Could you occasionally use a little “rapid rehydration,” too? —Jenn

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