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It’s funny. Two years ago, I was ALL about the iPod when running. One year ago, the iShuffle and I were besties. But today, my go-to choice for tunes is my phone. As they say, times they are a-changing, and technology comes and goes faster than you can say: Drop and give me 10 burpees!

(No, you don’t have to actually do that, unless, of course, you want to, in which case, FEEL THE BURPEE LOVE!)

I’ve been loving my phone for workout music because of the darn-near limitless streaming options and access to my playlists from my phone anywhere I go. I’ve been jamming to this best-of workout playlist hard, but it’s also nice to just be able to find virtually ANY song or album or artist I’m in the mood for, push play and just run. Or even, queue up a healthy podcast or audiobook. So, seeing that I don’t want to get my iPhone all sweaty or drop it while I do these amazing things, this Tune Belt review came at the perfect time.


The Tune Belt comes in a bunch of different formats to fit plenty of phones and devices, but I tried the ones for the iPhone 4S — in both the belt ($24.95) and the armband ($19.95) version. Lightweight, comfy and adjustable (extenders are available, too), they held my iPhone sans case safely and were an easy way to get my workout tunes to go. There’s a protective screen on the Tune Belt, but it has magical powers that allow you to still be able to swipe and select options from your phone (which, you know, you need when Blurred Lines comes on for the 831st time). That’s cool. And I didn’t have any chafing or slippage issues, which is a huge plus.

Both the belt and armband fit well, but I’d probably give the belt the slight upper hand when it comes to usability. I really thought I’d prefer the armband more — and it is awesome — but, I don’t know, I kind of just prefer carrying a little weight around my middle rather than have something strapped to my arm. Also, the belt had a secret pocket on the back that’s perfect for a key, which the armband doesn’t have. So two wins for the belt for me! Although, if you’re someone who already carries a hydration belt or is always wanting to skip songs (it is kind of a pain to do that with the belt), the armband would probably be the way to go. And although I do wish they were machine-washable and not just hand-washable, for $20 to $25, the Tune Belt is an awesome way to get your workout tunes to GO!

What’s your favorite way to jam to your workout songs? Which device do you use, and do you like to go hands-free, too? —Jenn

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  1. I would love this belt! I sweat so much during my runs, arm bands always fall down on my arm and frustrate the heck out of me when I’m running. Thanks for the review!

  2. Also prefer phone for workouts. I loved my first gen Shuffle because I could clip it to my shirt, but after a while, it seemed everything I ever need is available in my phone. Though I still prefer a cellphone with microSD card slot so I can choose which media I take with me on trips and stuff like that.

  3. Armband for me- I love my Tune Belt because mine came in a bright sharpie marker color- and its reflective for my early am runs!