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The #FBGAntiDiet Challenge: What Are You Really Hungry For?

Seeing that the Super Bowl is this weekend — with all of its heavy snacking and sitting and commercial-watching — we thought this week’s #FBGAntiDiet motivational quote was particularly relevant … (As always, feel free to share this image and post or pin wherever and however you’d like!)


Okay, so during the Super Bowl you might not exactly be hungry for an apple, but we hope this little question causes you to pause and check in with yourself before you begin mindlessly munching or grabbing another plate of Buffalo wings. Are you really hungry? Have you really been enjoying all of those snacks? Or have you just been eating them because they’re there? And, well, it’s a Super Bowl party so it’s expected?

And, for times when you’re not watching football, surrounded by snacks galore, also ask yourself this question — and often. Many times we reach for food because we’re sad, lonely, bored, procrastinating — or, heck, even because we feel happy and want to celebrate or because we feel like we’ve earned it. But, what does your body really need? Would a hug, a phone call, a funny YouTube video, a nap, some meditation or even a guilty pleasure song do the trick instead of food? Take a second to check in, and like the quote says, the answer just might surprise you! And, hey, if the answer is “eat Buffalo wings,” then by all means, eat ’em and enjoy every tasty bite!

Also, don’t forget to show us how you’re living the #FBGAntiDiet way of life! Share your photos with us on InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterTumblr, and Google+ for a chance to win some FBG goodies! Be sure to use the hashtag #FBGAntiDiet as you capture your healthy moments — maybe it’s you hitting the yoga mat or reading a magazine instead eating out of boredom. Or maybe it’s hanging with a fit friend to blow off steam! Whatever it may be, we want to see it, feature you and give you free stuff! (Remember: This is all to help get ya’ll pumped for the launch of our new book The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet!)

Keep those #FBGAntiDiet photos coming, FBGs! We looove seeing them! —Jenn

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