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Three Weeks into 2014 and Getting Some Crazy Ideas

Credit: bobaliciouslondon, Flickr

I’ll have to continue logging these miles if I commit to the big goal that’s tempting me. Credit: bobaliciouslondon, Flickr

It’s a few weeks into the New Year and I’ve gotta say: I’m kind of kicking ass on my goals. I’ll admit: I totally didn’t hit my 5-mile goal the first week, but hear me out: I was walking around Disney World for four of the first days of 2014 with two kids ages 3 and under, and the miles I put on my feet far exceeded my goal. It wasn’t running, but I got a full-body workout each day and when I’d get back to our room, would laugh at my foolishly and optimistically packed workout pants and top.

But the second week in, I managed a 2-mile run to ease back into the running game after an eight-day hiatus. I was a little nervous that the run would kick my ass, that I’d feel like a newbie all over. But it was glorious to feel like that run was a piece of cake. It was glorious when I wasn’t even sore the next day. When it was just no biggie. So when I ran 3.5 miles a couple of days later to knock out my goal for the week, I was pumped. Then the 4.5-mile run I did last week almost knocked out my weekly goal in one shot. I have a feeling if I end up doing this half-marathon that is tempting me that meeting my running goals will continue to be no problem.

My mind/body goal is going swimmingly, too. I’m doing a little hippity-dippity self-help-slash-meditation app, and it was fun for the one day that it worked. Because after really feeling some results in just the one day and sleeping like a rock after my pre-bed meditation session, I was a little deflated when the app just refused to load the next sessions (message into I.T!). But the fact that it stopped working is helping me out with my other goal of kicking some technology overuse to the curb.

Also helping? Trying to leave my phone in my gated-off office so it’s slightly more of a pain to get to it, and the fact that my phone has become possessed by demons and turns on and off without the touch of a button. It’s just been giving me the finger: “You need to check something? Haha — RESTART!” I think it’s a sign though. A sign I need a new phone, and that I need to stay stepped away.

How are your resolutions doing three whole weeks into the New Year? Any big race ideas tickling your fancy? Is your phone taking its last breaths, too? —Erin

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