Tish’s Goals for 2014: The Year of the Wise Why

This week, as part of New Year New Rear Week, each FBG is sharing her healthy goals and resolutions for the year — and the big reasons why they are what they are. Goals … whys … go!

Gasp! I think I’m turning into one of those crabby-about-the-holidays people who doesn’t understand why one day magically means we get to start over. This could be because 2013 effin’ ROCKED for me this year. (Seriously, I got my arm muscles! I got hitched! I did the durn thing, yo!) But I do understand that just because I feel like it’s an arbitrary timeline doesn’t make it any less real. It’s 2014 whether I’ve learned to write the New Year on checks or not, so in the spirit of not being a stubborn arse, I’ve wracked my brain to come up with some goals that make sense to my nostalgic sensibilities.

Plus, there’s something positively (used that word on purpose) effective about processing the whys. It helps it all resonate and, at least for me, helps me to really determine the shallow and sometimes generically cliche goals from the sincere.  Those goals never stick and there’s a reason for that — they come from air, and they drift off like air. Respecting the whys is wise. Get it? I tickle myself sometimes; I really do.

Tish’s Goals for 2014: And Why!

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I am on the hunt for 2014’s Best Post-Workout Smoothie!

1. Be proactive about my health. I think I started to touch on this goal in 2013, but I didn’t really get a firm grasp on it until recently. I avoid doctors if I can. I don’t like the bills that come with visits. I don’t like how much the tests cost. I don’t like the diagnosis possibilities. I’m one of those people, but I am sick (literally) and tired of my stomach causing me so much angst. I dealt with a lot of scary stuff last year. This year I’m pushing through my cheapness and fears and getting things right so that my body can go back to moving and acting the way a young, fit gal’s body is supposed to move.

Why I want to do it: To feel my best. I’ll let you all in on a secret … when you start to eat healthy and work out, you become addicted to feeling great. The weight of all the bad ish is lifted out of your proverbial temple and you’re able to feel truly amazing. I know what it feels like to feel comfortable and energetic after a meal. I want that feeling all the time. I want to work out and have the proper energy while I’m doing it. Once I get my stomach’s issues diagnosed and treated, I’ll be in the land of pleasant. I can’t wait!

2. Find a new and improved protein smoothie. I’ve been on the same banana, protein mix, cinnamon and rice milk kick for too long to even tell you. Just looking at my Nutribullet makes my butt twitch. I’m on a Pinterest/Internet hunt for a deliciously fun new post-workout smoothie.

Why I want to do it: Eating healthy and responsibly isn’t supposed to be painful. I swear, this is why more people (who are meat eaters) dine at vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The food has gotten better. It’s delicious and enjoyable. If I don’t enjoy what I’m putting in my body, then I’m doing my life a disservice. A healthy lifestyle isn’t a fun person’s death sentence. I feel like if I truly practice what I preach when I help people make healthier food choices, then I need to keep the meal love flowing. I’m starting with a smoothie. Who knows what meal option I’ll conquer next!

3. Be my own manager. In 2013 I started pursuing an acting manager. I have an agent, but a manager is the people-pusher I need to really help me understand how I’m supposed to walk through doors. While I realize I need a professional to help me when it comes to my acting career, I do NOT need someone managing the rest of me. I am a grown a** woman. I got this! What does this entail? Glad you asked. It means I’m being my own bouncer. I’ll say no to people treating me sub par. I’ll block the toxic relationships and not feel a darn lick of guilt for it. I’ll ignore the haters who tease and attempt to sabotage my husband’s and my  healthy habits. I will stick up for myself, and for my mental and physical health.

Why I want to do it: For peace of mind. For joy. For strength. For love of self.

4. Avoid Food Trend Hype. I swear I thought of this one and the little angel sitting on my shoulder said, “Hallelujah, sister!” There are so many food trends out there: “Eat this new super food! It’s the best for this and that! Now eat this! Eat! Eat!” While I won’t argue the benefit of chia seeds and pink Himalayan salt, I will admit it overwhelms the stuffins out of me. I can’t ingest every superfood daily. I’m an FBG, not a human superfood conductor! I will continue to try and find new ways to incorporate good produce into my diet, but this year I resolve to not worry about eating ALL THE THINGS!

Why I want to do it: For sanity! Also, for a happy gut.

Four goals?! For someone who wasn’t buying the New Year’s magic I SHO did have fun establishing these proclamations! If you’re like me and the very thought of resolutions trigger self-induced butt twitches but you know you need to make some positive changes in your life, then try this approach. Ask yourself what you want and why. Write it down and share it here if you feel like you need to cement your truths in something. It’s kind of wonderful how much you’ll learn about yourself.

Be honest, investigate thoroughly and make this your Year of the (fill in your beautiful blank).  —Tish

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