Why the Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good

Dieting sucks. Tying your self-worth to a number on the scale sucks. Deprivation sucks. Forcing yourself to do a workout you despise sucks. So, um, it’s no wonder people seem to think that being “healthy” is boring or tortuous! That’s why we’re all about you finding and developing your own healthy living jam that’s made of eats you love and workouts that feel fun. (In fact, we wrote a whole book on this Anti-Diet awesome style of life!)

But sometimes breaking free of the diet drama is hard. There are SO many diets out there, and they all promise huge results. Results that we know are ridiculous, but, gosh, sometimes it DOES sound awesome to eat what you want, skip the gym and looking rockin’ hot in a bikini. I’ll admit that.

But, dieting NEVER works in the long term. And it’s not because of you — or your lack of willpower. The whole concept of dieting is flawed and it sets you up for failure. I can go on and on again about my own personal experience with this being true or I could just share this infographic from Green Mountain at Fox Run that sums it up PERFECTLY. Titled “Why the Scale Can Do More Harm Than Good,” this infographic is a part of its Healthy Weight Week (started yesterday!), and I am so, so, so in love with it.


Yes! This is why the dieting, over-obsessing and restricting never works. It’s not you. It’s the system. So join me this week — and forever — and celebrate being truly healthy by listening to your hunger, respecting your body and what it’s telling you, and breaking up with the obsessive scale weighing and calorie counting. Like we said yesterday, you’re worth doing it for. You don’t need to be a smaller size to be of value, and you can’t hate yourself healthy!

Any aha moments from this infographic? Have you ditched the sacle and diet drama, too? —Jenn

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  1. Kiales says:

    Totally true! There are so many other ways to measure success that don’t involve obsessing over the scale! Most of the time the scale won’t even tell you where you want to be, so why do we let it have so much influence and control over us?!

  2. Erika says:

    I actually wrote a blog post about breaking up with the scale after I reached goal. This is exactly why I put thescale in storage once I realized it was doing me no good!

  3. Paula says:

    This is perfect timing! I will passing the infographic onto a client that I just had a similar conversation with AND I’m going to use it in a class I teach at a local University! Thanks for such great stuff on a Monday!

  4. Saundra says:

    Thanks for this. I read The Anti-Diet book and began the Insanity workout program several weeks ago. I feel amazing! I was just telling my fiance today that I’m glad our bathroom scale bit the dust before I began. I’m positive I would have gotten discouraged, and wouldn’t have made it this far. I have no idea how much I weigh. All I know is my clothes are more comfy, my energy level is through the roof, and I’m going to look banging in my wedding gown in May!

    1. Jenn says:


      GO YOU!!! That is fantastic to hear! Congrats!!!

      —FBG Jenn