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Workout I Did: Legs and Shoulders (Not Knees and Toes … Knees and Toes)

Credit: hans van den berg, Flickr

Credit: hans van den berg, Flickr

Now that I have one of THE most addictive songs on the face of the planet in my head, I shall begin. (Sorry if the song has made its way into your head, too.)

When it comes to my husband’s workouts, there’s always a method to his madness. You think you’re doing a series of random moves, but he’s working big muscles on different days and that ish works, dang it! I have to admit it … he’s a genius when it comes to training. You’ll never catch me saying that when I’m doing the workouts, though. You won’t like him either while doing this one, but after it’s over, you’ll be sore for a bit (trust me, you will be) and then you’ll start to feel better — and when that happens you’ll love him. He’s making us stronger! And women out there still suffering from that terrible belief that weights will make you bulky … you’re wrong, so get lifting!

Workout: Legs and Shoulder Day

For Workout 1 you’ll do three rounds of the following three exercises.

  • For two minutes (without a break), do five thrusters and five burpees. Keep doing them until the two minutes run out. (Here are how-tos of the thrusters and burpees in case you’ve never heard of them before.)
  • Hold a plank for one minute.

Then you’ll start on Workout 2 …

Do the below series with a rep count of 6, 9, 12, 6 and 9. So following that logic, you’ll do 6 squats, 6 shoulder presses, etc. Once you’ve done six of each, then you’ll move on to 9 and so forth. Remember, it’s okay to take breaks!  

  • Squats with bar
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Lunges (for these, left/right equals one rep!)
  • Upright row
  • TRX hamstring hip thruster (If you don’t have a TRX at your gym or at home then you can do straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells in its place.)
  • Shoulder side raises

Then stretch and you’re done! Make sure you really stretch well because your legs will be super sore otherwise. I’ve been working out, but not quite like this for awhile so I was sore and then some for the next two days. Prepare yourself, but know this: A little soreness is good. It means you properly worked the heck out of your muscles. Get that rest and protein in so that your body can start to build the muscle back up like it’s supposed to do and you’re golden!

What’s your favorite leg or shoulder workout or move? —Tish

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