11 Movie Moments That Will Motivate You

moviemontageWe’ve all weighed in before on what we consider to be our most inspiring fitness movies. And since the Oscars are coming up, we thought we’d throw together a list of the most inspiring fitness-related movies of all time. Movies that will make you want to hop up off the couch and go after your dreams. Run through town as fast as you can. Maybe pump some iron. Or do a dance through a warehouse. These are the movies that are practically guaranteed to make you want to move more, no matter how you do it.

So if you’re feeling particularly uninspired as you wait for the weather to warm up and life to get a lot more sunny again, throw on any of these movies for a sure-fire inspiration and motivation pick-me-up! Click on…

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  1. Great selections here! Also:
    Breaking Away – underdog vs “Eyetalian” cycling team meanies
    Chariots of Fire – Olympics! inspiring theme music!
    Downhill Racer – skiing! young Robert Redford! dark theme!
    Silver LInings Playbook – love through running in a trash bag suit
    I obviously am feeling exclamatory today. Thanks Erin!