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5 Cool New Gym Bag Finds

We’re always in the pursuit of the latest and greatest ways to make your workout life easier — and that means also helping your gym bag and locker room situation be as stress-free and wonderful as possible. Which is why we just had to share these five cool new gym bag finds. They’re kind of life-changing! Or at least, locker-room-changing changing


1. I Love My Armpits ($9.99). When’s the last time you declared love for your armpits? Probably not recently. But if you hate the stank or dislike deodorants that have freaky ingredient lists, check out this natural deodorant. Full disclosure: it’s not an antiperspirant, but it’s made of only botanical ingredients that work together to absorb moisture, prevent bacteria growth and neutralize odor.

2. IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield ($5.99 for 10 sheets). How clean is your toothbrush in that gym bag of yours? No, really. You’d probably be pretty freaked out if you realized just how much other stuff gets on it. Which is why the germ-freak in us loves these disposable toothbrush shields. Each shield is sealed in an individual wrapper to ensure a fresh, new shield every time you use it. IntelliDent recommends changing your toothbrush shield every seven days for maximum toothbrush-germ protection! (Plus, your toothbrush looks like it has a cute little hat. Bonus!)

3. Lorna Jane Purse Set ($49.99). You know how sometimes it feels like your gym bag is more of a black hole than a place to store and find things? Well, this purse set helps with that issue. With three different sizes and three cute patterns (polka dots, inspirational sayings, pink!), these smaller bags help give your gym bag the organization you need. (We love putting jewelry in the smallest purse, followed by make-up in the black bag, followed by dirty anything in the big pink one!)

4. Reviver Clothing Swipes ($17.99 for a six-pack). Did the clean clothes in your gym bag or locker somehow absorb some of the sweaty smell from your workout or someone else’s? Or do they smell a bit like the pre- or post-workout snack you packed? Ew. But have no fear because these clothing swipes are like breath mints … for your clothes. Just swipe them on your clothes and unwanted odors are gone. Cool, right?!

5. Cheeki undies ($10 to $19). You know those days when you work out and forget to pack a second pair of undies for after the gym? Well, pack a clean and individually sealed pair of these, and you’ll never be stuck in that sweaty dilemma again. We love how the pairs are both cute and comfy!

Added any new products to your gym bag lately? —Jenn

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