7-Minute Tire Circuit Workout

tire-workout-585It’s American Heart Health month, so we thought we’d spice your day up with this little workout routine. You likely use dumbbells and resistance bands in your everyday fitness routine, but unless you’re a CrossFit mom, you probably don’t use tires. Yep, tires! We’ve adapted this circuit tire workout from Amen Iseghohi, the CEO and founder of Amenzone Fitness, a workout program with a back-to-basics approach to fitness.

Be sure to warm up for a few minutes before you get going by marching in place, doing a few jumping jacks and performing some dynamic stretches. Do each move for a minute and repeat the circuit if you have time. If you don’t have a tire, have no fear. You can do the moves on a step or the floor, and grab a medicine ball, a dumbbell or your kiddo’s tricycle for weight. (Although you’ll even benefit if you grab no weight at all.) You’ll get your heart rate up simply by moving from exercise to exercise quickly. And note: the woman demonstrating the moves appears to be quite pregnant. Go mama!

7 Tire Moves for a Quick Circuit Workout


1. Alternating lunges. In an upright position, hold the tire over your head. Step forward with one leg and bend the other leg to the floor. Come back up into an standing position. Repeat with opposite leg


2. Plank superman. With the tip of your toes on the floor and legs straight out behind you, place elbows on the tire as shown. Lift one leg into the air while stretching the opposite arm. Repeat with opposite arm/leg.

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