Is This the Secret to Being a Great Athlete?

So what is it besides fab genetics, natural talent and a crazy drive to succeed that sets Olympians apart from the rest of us? What makes one Olympian or athlete inherently better than another who works and trains just as hard? The secret may be … sleep.

Yes, sleep.

In this pretty epic athletes and sleep infographic, you can see the science on how much sleep really does make a difference in everything from strength to timing to focus to endurance to speed. Here’s a little snippet:


Click here to see the full infographic, but it’s pretty darn compelling, huh? From the quotes to the stats to the graph of how much sleep the pros get (insert Tiger Woods joke here), it certainly goes to show that getting good sleep isn’t just a feel-good luxury, it’s a pretty powerful weapon when it comes to being your best. So take a cue from pros and get those zzz’s!

Now, who wants to go take a nap? Hey, it’s the name of your fitness! —Jenn


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  1. Completely agree with you! Sleeping is important for getting good health for the next day. It increases our body stamina, makes our mind fresh and sound to rethink everything properly. So, sleeping is the best way to get good performance!