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Dehydrator Drama

WestonThis is it. I’ve had it. I’m throwing in the towel. Washing my hands of it all. Handing over the keys. Abdicating my throne. I’m done. Done, I say!
I give up on my dehydrator.
I have a standing date with my friend Ashly for what we call “Soul Food.” Each week, we meet up at a vegan restaurant in Phoenix — sometimes we check out a new joint, other times to hit up one of our favorites, like Pomegranate Cafe or 24 Carrots. Though the plan is usually “just” to grab lunch, we usually end up lingering for a few hours — catching up on life, sharing joys and helping each other through challenges. I always leave our lunches with a full belly and even fuller heart.
Naturally, such leisurely meals lead to coffee, which lead to dessert — and oh! The desserts! Expertly crafted “cheesecakes”, vegan cupcakes, and chocolate truffles so delicious, you won’t believe they’re raw or vegan.

Vegan Raw Cake

Raw, vegan carrot cake from Pomegranate Cafe. Serious nom-nom-noms.

Inspired by these amazing plant-based dishes, I started googling around for recipes of the different dishes I loved. Almost all of them had one tool in common — a dehydrator. “Dehydrating food is so easy!” one dehydrating recipe site said. “It’s impossible to screw up!”
I screw up a lot in the kitchen. “Impossible?” Color me sold.
Enter the Weston Food Dehydrator. You guys, I’m pretty sure the angels sang when I opened the box.
I giggled as I unpacked the machine, with delusions of grandeur floating around in my head. Apple crisps! Fruit roll-ups! Sweet potato chips! Taco shells! Raw vegetable lasagna! Desserts galore! Heck, I’d even make beef jerky for my partner, even though I think it’s the most disgusting food known to man.
I made none of those things.
Well, to be fair, I attempted to make all of those things. They just all turned out to be horribly, horribly inedible.
sweet potato chips

These are supposed to be sweet potato chips. Um…no.

The sweet potato chips turned out to be a cross between hard candy and dried-out Play-Doh. After three days (yes, I said days!) of work, the taco shells turned out to be bland and chewy. As for the carrot cake? Neil and I have agreed not to talk about it again.
It’s not the machine — of that, I am certain. It’s a great appliance, one that many cooks have used with phenomenal results. The problem is me. It’s absolutely, unquestionably, indubitably me. She who burns toast, undercooks pancakes and over-seasons dinner also cannot dehydrate. “Impossible to screw up,” my ass.
I’m not ready to give up on dehydrating, though. I feel like mastering this kitchen appliance would be an asset to my plant-based lifestyle. If I could even make one of the recipes I so enjoy during my “Soul Food” lunches with Ashly, I’d be thrilled.
Surely there is some tutorial out there to help me understand the different settings of the dehydrator; maybe even a book that can walk me through the process. I’m going to keep working at it — and welcome any suggestions from my Fit Bottomed friends.
Have you experienced dehydrator drama? What tips do you have for utilizing this cool kitchen tool? —Susan

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