Fit-spiration of the Week: Kasie Enman, Running While Pregnant

preg-running-585I’d say we’re well beyond the point of it being odd that a mom-to-be keeps exercising, right? But even though we know it’s perfectly safe and healthy for a mom to exercise during pregnancy — heck it’s recommended —pregnant exercisers still sometimes catch a lot of flack for it. Take for instance the pregnant woman who posted a picture of herself lifting weights during a CrossFit workout. In a world where we have parking spots so that expecting moms don’t have to walk too far, it can be jarring to see a mom lifting heavy weights, with a heavy belly. Comments, of course, ran the gamut from mild concern to outright allegations that the mom was certainly going to injure herself or her unborn. Never mind that the mom was likely super-fit from the beginning of her pregnancy and was likely discussing her workout routine with her doctor.

I’ve never understood why someone who is an avid exerciser would stop working out once that line shows up on the pee stick (besides all out fatigue and crazy nausea!). You have plenty of time to modify your workouts as you gain weight and girth; stopping workouts because you have a poppyseed-sized baby seems silly. Provided that you’re checking in with your doctor and more importantly, yourself, about the exercises you’re doing and how you feel doing them, we should be doing what we can do and keeping up our strength for the challenges of parenthood! I certainly enjoyed pregnancy a lot more when I was feeling great and exercising with my first, rather than battling pelvic pain with every step with my second.

The more pregnant moms keep exercising, the more normal it will become for everyone to see. That’s why I love this video from Salomon Running featuring runner Kasie Enman. In it, she’s pregnant with her second, and it’s not slowing her down one bit. She discusses her need to hit the trails even with baby on board.

Can’t see the video? Click here to see a pregnant Kasie Enman lacing up those running shoes with baby on board!

I love how Kasie makes it seem so normal to keep running while pregnant. And I love how they’re like “Thanks for your concern, but you’re not our doctor” (paraphrasing). Doesn’t that make you want to lace up your running shoes, pregnant or not? —Erin

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