Get Fit While You Watch: Interactive Red Carpet Oscars Workout

We’ve pretty much gone from Olympics fever to Oscars fever in these parts. Yesterday Erin shared the 11 most motivational and inspiring movie moments ever (or, you know, the 11 we really, really love and get us pumped to get moving every time). So when this interactive Oscars red carpet workout from Shana Schneider, fitness expert and Founder of FITWEEK, landed in our inbox, we had to share.

After doing this workout over and over again, we know interactive workouts are fun. And what better way to watch the Oscars than by moving that fit booty of yours?! And if you’re throwing an Oscars party or going to one, why not print this post out and bring it with you? Then you all can work out while you watch the dresses come down the red carpet together. It’s fun fitness for all! (And if your friends are so not down for that — just start watching the red carpet fashion shows as soon as you can, get your workout in, then clean up, glam up and go to that party with a workout under your belt!)


Red Carpet Oscars Workout From FITWEEK

This workout is for anyone whose favorite part of the Oscars, or any awards show for that matter, is the red carpet. But let me be more specific, it’s for those of us who are watching the red carpet, not actually walking it!

While the actors and actresses do all the working out beforehand, we do ours while we watch them. Instead of just sitting on the couch, here are a few ways you can work in some fitness while providing your own red carpet commentary … and you will need a pair of heels!

  • If you like the dress the actress is wearing, do 10 straight-leg kicks alternating between the right and left legs. (Go ahead and add some jazz hands or spirit fingers for some flare!)
  • If you don’t like the dress, stand up and do 10 cross body jabs alternating between the right and left arms. (Because that dress should get pummeled and only appear on a worst dressed list!)
  • On commercial breaks, put on your heels. Sit on the floor and do a V-sit. See if you can hold it for the full break with your legs fully extended. You can also bend your legs so they’re in a 90-degree angle to make it a little easier. (The shoes are really just there so you have something cute to look at.)
  • When the actor or actress appears whom you think is going to win, do 10 cross-body standing crunches. Reach up with your left hand; bend your left arm and raise your right knee so they meet; put them down, then do this on the opposite.
  • Whenever they ask, “Who are you wearing?” do 10 squats. Stand 6 to 8 inches away from your couch or chair and as you squat, just barely touch your butt to the seat and then stand back up and squeeze those glutes. On the 10th one, sit back down and enjoy the show or at least until the next exercise starts!
  • Bonus for those who are watching the red carpet on E!: When they use the mani-cam, grab water bottles or hand weights and do 12 reps of biceps curls. When they use the 360 cam, stand up and do 10 leg circles on each side. Just trace a circle on the floor with your toe pointed. Feel free to do this one with those heels on, too!

We see very sore abs in our future … and hopefully a lot of straight-leg kicks (we love seeing pretty dresses)! Will you try it? —Jenn

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