Get Your (Healthy) Sweet Tooth Fix

This week the world is aflutter with date nights, heart-shaped boxes full of chocolate (or, you know, this), love notes and little “Be Mine” Sweethearts candy. Whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or just yourself (the most important one of all, for the record), it’s pretty much the best week ever for those with a sweet tooth. And to help those who adore all things dessert take things up a notch in their love affair, we share with you a little something special Fit Bottomed Eats is doing this week …


From dreamy vegan peppermint patties to how to make your own homemade truffles (yum!) to to an oh-so-sweet playlist for Valentine’s Day, this week they’re celebrating the sweet stuff in life — and showing you how to make your sweet endings a little healthier. So go join in the sah-weet fun!

Check out all of the Sweet Tooth Week posts here! —Jenn 


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