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Review: Does Miracle Whey Live Up to Its Miraculous Name?


A few months ago, I reviewed some grass-fed organic whey protein powders over on Fit Bottomed Eats. And generally, while they had great nutritionals and uber-clean ingredient lists, they didn’t have a lick of flavor except for being a little tangy. Now, I know that was intended — some protein powders are designed to be as close to the source as possible, and those definitely fit that bill. But I like a little flavor with my protein — a little all-natural vanilla, or berry, or chocolate. With the huge amount of greens I put in my smoothies, I need a little something extra to help it all taste good. And the idea of a Miracle Whey Protein Powder in the flavor Peanut Butter? Well, I was all over that when we were offered the opportunity to try some.

Miracle Whey comes from pasture-fed cows and is free of artificial sweeteners (it has luo han guo). A two-scoop serving has 160 calories, 20 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and 5 grams of sugar. Formulated by Dr. Mercola, it’s rich in amino acids and glycomacropeptides, which is pretty much a fancy way of saying that it’ll help you recover after workouts. And the fiber and protein in it does stick to your ribs quite a bit longer than just a fruit-and-veggie smoothie does. It’s great for a quick breakfast or after-workout snack.

And the taste … oh, peanut-butter heaven! If you’re a pb-fiend, you will likey. It tastes just like real peanuts … because it is. Flavored with peanut flour, it results in a protein powder that’s a little sweet, but not overly sweet. The flavor adds a nice, hearty and almost savory quality to your smoothies. Have it on its own with your favorite kind of milk, or with some fruits and veggies, or with some chocolate (and maybe some banana for a funky monkey) — it’s all so good. And the flavor is strong enough to hide the taste of your greens, even the more bitter ones like kale or arugula. Miracle Whey also comes in original, maple, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry and banana. We only tried the peanut butter, but it was good enough (and all natural!) for us to say that we’re nutty about this line of whey protein powder!

What’s your favorite flavor of protein powder? —Jenn

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