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Now This Is a Soccer Mom!

Awhile back over on Fit Bottomed Girls, Susan interviewed the ultimate in soccer moms, Christie Rampone. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s captain of the U.S. soccer team and a four-time Olympian. Her status as a soccer legend is remarkable, but she’s also a mother of two, making her a certified Fit Bottomed Mama. Mom to two daughters, Riley and Reece, she shared with us how a soccer mom like herself balances family life, her soccer career and a whopping 200 days of travel per year.


Christie Rampone and her two daughters (who also play soccer!).

Interview With Christie Rampone

I love that people know you as the “Ultimate Soccer Mom!” How did you get that nickname? I think it was the combination of continuing to play soccer at my age while having two kids. The nickname started to surface after I had my daughter, Riley, in 2010. I was the captain of the team at that time, and as I started to juggle all the moving parts of our lives, “ultimate soccer mom” started to stick.

You were back on the soccer field three months after giving birth to your second child, Reece. That’s amazing! How did you even do that? What tips do you have for new moms looking to get active again? It was easier coming back the second time; after having Riley (four years prior) there was more downtime. The most important thing I learned is that the mom-to-be should keep up with her standard workout plan for as long as she can. Do what you have been doing all along — if/when she gets tired, slow down or scale back. Most importantly, though, she should be fit going into her pregnancy. Pregnancy is not the time to suddenly start an intense workout plan!

Once the baby arrives, a six-week recovery is critical. Take that time to rest! It helps Mom get back into shape faster, with more ease.

Your kids are a big part of your life. Do they share your love for the high-energy lifestyle? What kinds of sports and activities do you like to do together? Yes! They love the high-energy lifestyle. From the time they were 6 weeks old they have been traveling and watching Mom train. I don’t want to put influence or pressure on kids to do what Mom does. Though they both chose to play soccer, they know they don’t have to be soccer stars! I want them to find their own passion.

Riley is in soccer, basketball, and gymnastics — and now she is adding hip-hop dancing, theater and arts. She loves to sing! Reece just started soccer this fall.

How many days out of the year are you on the road? Does your family travel with you? I’m on the road approximately 200 to 250 days per year; more in Olympic years, less on down years. And yes, I travel with my two girls. Because she is not yet in school, Reece travels everywhere. Riley will come on the long weekends if I am gone for more than two weeks, usually arriving after school on Thursday and returning on Sunday night. My husband, Chris, travels with Riley.

In addition to being the “Ultimate Soccer Mom” and a heavy training/competition schedule, you’re a small business owner and a spokesperson. What’s the best advice you have received for balancing it all? Be honest with yourself and do what you can. People tend to get overwhelmed when they try to do too much. Be honest and organized to get through the day-to-day. Also, it’s important to keep your health up year-round. If mom isn’t healthy, it’s hard to keep the family healthy!

Want more about Christie? Head on over to Fit Bottomed Girls to hear all about how she stays healthy on the road with kids in tow. Because traveling is tough … but traveling 200 days? That’s a feat! —Erin

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