The Olympics Moment That Always Makes Me Cry

olympicsI love the Olympics for so many reasons. The hard work and dedication of the athletes. The pride in country. The hardships. The comebacks. The heartbreak. And the triumphs that make  it all worth it. I even love the cheesy commercials. And no one does the Olympic commercial better than Visa. They just know how to put together a story that will give you chills or that will make you sob. The music, the story, the emotion — they know how to tug on your heartstrings and hit just the right notes. They’ve got the formula down, because this Dan Jansen commercial makes me choke up every single time it comes on. Even writing this post, I was forced to watch it a few times for research and now I need a tissue.

This year, I’ll be tuning into all of my usual favorites like figure skating and speed skating, downhill skiing and ski jumping (and even sneak in an Olympics workout while I do it!). I’ll even tune into curling to see if this is the year I’ll finally understand what the heck it is they’re doing. But one thing is for certain: I will bring Kleenex for any new commercials Visa has up its sleeve this year.

What Olympic moments make you tear up every time you think about them? Any favorite commercials? —Erin


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