Want to Go Running in the Snow? These Two Products Make It Possible (Without You Biting It)


A week or so ago, one of my good friends sent me this funny clip via Twitter. And it cracked me up. Yes, running in the snow and ice does kind of make you a bad ass. I mean, talk about nothing stopping you from getting your workout on! But. Well, dude, that’s not very safe! Bad-ass or not, you’re — as the lovely gal in the video displays, bless her running heart — more likely to bite it, and maybe pretty hard. Running shoes just aren’t designed to be worn while running in the snow!

Well, most shoes aren’t.

Because today’s dual review showcases two pretty darn awesome and safe ways to go running in the snow. (And seeing that it’s been like Antarctica this winter in the Midwest, I have had ample opportunity to test … and test … and test these.) Take that, Old Man Winter!


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  1. Those STABILicers are tempting. I’ve never fallen while running but I do find I go slower because I’m being extra cautious on the ice or snow.

  2. I haven’t tried them personally, but I have friends that have used Yaktrax, which are the same type of product as the Stabiliciers.