Workout I Did: Long and Strong on the Spin Bike

I don’t think the stationary bike gets enough respect outside of Spin class, and I don’t understand why. Plenty of people who are just wild about cycling think they can only get that kind of a workout in an actual class with an instructor guiding them through the moves.

And while I’ll admit the prospect of just going and sitting on a bike with no plan and no goal is far from inspiring, I see no reason why you can’t take an hour on your own — workout in hand — and spin your little heart out. I’ve sweated just as profusely doing that as I have in a class, and you can, too.

Especially with this strength-based workout Coach Patrick put together for me. I LOVED it (even though, the day I did it? I felt far from inspired and had to rely on Twitter to get me out the door in the first place), and I’m pretty sure you will as well. Or, at the very least, you’ll love to hate it.

spin workout

Do you spin? If so, do you always rely on an instructor to push you or do you ever do your own workouts? —Kristen


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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to my blog, Kristen! This workout sounds like a great one. To answer your question, the rides I do for my class always start out as ones I do on my own. If they go well, my class gets to do them and if I don’t enjoy it much on my own, then it’s back to the drawing board!

  2. This is so cool! Love your cycling posts. This post actually goes great with Jenn’s review earlier this month on the ‘Cycle Coach’ workout music / coaching album:

    I gave Cycle Coach a try and I’m addicted LOL!! I think Rachel’s motivating coaching just makes me want to push harder than I EVER had. It’s also 60-minutes and includes a warm up and cool down. Just an option for all of you riders who want to try spinning with a cycling instructor guiding you along. It’s really a kick in the butt 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! My main workout is my stationary bike ($20 steal from Craigslist!) though I rely on my cycling playlist for my intervals since my bike doesn’t have any gauges aside from the resistance knob. Thanks to an app for my phone, I usually make about 8 miles in 30 minutes.

  4. I still use and love my stationary bike. Had a spinner but I like my stationary bike better. I have plenty of levels to work up to as well. I have no problem using a spinning DVD (one of Cathe’s I have) and modifying it to my bike. It’s permanently parked in the living room in front of the TV so that helps tons.

  5. I do all of my workouts in my stationary bike. I want to sincerely thank you for this. I will be doing your routine starting today. Thanks again!

  6. I cycle out doors doing 50 mile rides and I do 45 minute spin classes. I have never though about spinning by myself. I like taking spin classes because I am in a group, while most of my other exercises I do by myself: boxing, running. Maybe I will give it a try spinning by myself but I think i will definitely need a bike by a monitor and a cycling program.

  7. Hi Kristen, such a lovely blog. I have read about 30 minute spin workout and now I am reading this about 60 minute spin workout. Would to like to tell me which one be more effective? I would like to grab the knowledge. TIA

  8. Excellent Schedule !!! do you ever used a stationary bike? If yes, please write down how long you are using and how much time you utilised in a day…I am a little bit confused about my workout time.

  9. One should always buy spin bikes instead of treadmills. I read an article on Livestrong where they showed that spin bikes help in losing more calories. One disadvantage of treadmill is injuries, so spin bikes are best for home workouts.