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3 Flexibility Tools to Boost Your Post-Workout Recovery

Could your flexibility use a boost? Want to recover faster from workouts? Looking to soothe tired or sore muscles with something other than a foam roller? Then this post is for you! We recently tried three flexibility tools that can help you do all that. Yes, they may hurt a little, but it’s the good kind of hurt. Promise.



3 Flexibility Tools to Try

1. Gaiam Restore Multi-Grip Stretch Strap. Ever been in a yoga class where the instructor is telling you to deepen a stretching pose that — ahem — you can’t even get into, let alone go deeper in? Yeah, I’ve been there. And while those straps they give you in yoga are awesome, this Multi-Grip Stretch Strap is even more helpful. For less than $15, this handy dandy flexibility tool allows you to progress through different grip positions with no slipping. Use it daily to help you stretch out tight muscles, prevent injury and improve your range of motion!

2. Gaiam Restore Hot/Cold Trigger Point Massage Ball. I also like to call this one “little evil ball of pain.” Because, well, it’s painful — and targeted. But, like a foam roller, it hurts so good. Designed to release muscle tension in hard to reach places like your back or piriformis, this little ball stimulates blood flow while massaging sore, tired muscles with its little nubs. To further boost your post-workout recovery, you can even heat the ball in warm water or freeze it in the freezer for hot or cold relief that lasts up to 30 minutes. At $14.99, it’s kind of like a foam roller, but just waaay more advanced and intense. A great flexibility tool!

3. Gaiam Restore Hot/Cold Foot Massage Roller. I love foot rubs. And I’m lucky in that my husband will rub my feet after long runs. But for times when he’s not home or I’m being a total foot-rub need-beast, I love the Gaiam Restore’s Hot/Cold Foot Roller. For about $15, you simply roll your foot over it for a kneading effect that gives extra relief from tightness, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. And like the massage ball, you can also heat it up or cool it down for an even more therapeutic foot-rolling session. Oh, and it feels pretty awesome.

On a personal note, I’ve been loving all of these flexibility tools because they’re each helping me to stay injury free and improve my range of motion, as per my New Year’s resolutions! What’s your favorite way to boost your flexibility? —Jenn

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